Trainerroad visit to Australia

Yes sir we can. There are a few good boutique beer Cafes in Sydney for post ride/race rehydration.

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There are a heap of breweries in the Inner west now days that are better than most of the stuff in the city:

  • Yullis
  • Batch
  • Stockade
  • Grifter
  • Wayward
  • Sauce

Is this our agenda? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Completely forgotten about Landsdowne!
It is a great track, though there is quite a lot of elevation change, which @Nate does not seem to like. There is certainly more climbing than what you’d get at Sutherland. :slight_smile:

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It most certainly should be.


Some short changes but I reckon they favour power over lightweight.

Keen to try Sutherland as well, it’s been on the to do list for a while.

So that’s a “Yes” to @Nate’s question you were answering. He got some parts right :smiley:


Damn, wish I was back in Sydney for this! Enjoy West Head… bring that spinning gear as the hills! Ouch!

Heffron is going to blow your legs off. As you say, Aussies are FAST!

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@Nate, make sure you come to Melbourne (Victoria) during CX season, the Victorian series is excellent and 60% of the National series is in VIC as well. CX season is also road racing season, so there’s no shortage of events to attend.


I may have to make sure to schedule 1 of my regular work trips in line with a Melb CX race this year sometime. We havent got any dates for QLD series yet, apart from the NCXS rounds

The 2020 National Series schedule is posted, Rounds 1 & 2 are TBD though, supposedly in Brisbane but not confirmed. The VIC series calendar isn’t posted yet, but I have a feeling it’ll be similar to last year.

QLD rounds are up now, May 25/26, but we are going through a bit of a shift in organisers this season, so still waiting for more details on the other local rounds

Is there anyone besides Nate and I racing at Heffron on Saturday?


I wish I could, but I am still on a 2 year mend that doesn’t allow me to put a lot of power down. Certainly, not enough to stay anywhere near likes of Alex Naz, Wardy or Luke.

I will join you on Sunday however.

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I’ll be there. Div 2.

That’s B Grade right? How does grading in NSW work these days?

It is still fairly ad-hoc and unless it is under CA’s supervision, you can start in whatever grade you like.

Most of the time, if the organisers see that you are stronger than everyone else in your bunch, you get bumped while the race is still going.

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Thanks - I haven’t raced in NSW before, QLD and Vic and obviously Tas. I am aware of the rule of cycling kits, having kits being “assessed” and you pay for it. A good reason why CNSW have $1mil in the bank. I have a few friends from the Illawarra Club and Wollongong region

Cycling kits also depend on a race. Some force you to either wear a club-issued kit or a plain jersey nicks.

I can’t for the life of me remember, what the situation is like at Heffron as it’s been a while.

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“Im from another State and unaware” Surely a Comm would allow riders interstate or OS to wear their own team kits. Ask one Comm get an answer, ask another, entirely different answer…