TrainerRoad workouts on Zwift

Not sure if someone mention this before in the thread but I’ll say this anyway…

There’s a log file in Zwift which is worth a look, shows whats been going on with drops etc. It’s surprising when you think you have a good connection and see lots of Network errors and ANT Receive fails…

Think you can find it in your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder, current one will be log.txt. This location does also keep a small archive of log files so you can compare to previous days and if turnign stuff off helps reduce the errors.

One final thing, instead of scrolling through the log you can drop your log file into zwiftalizer, the web based log analyser tool.

This gives:

  • Graphics (frames per second + resolution and other settings)
  • ANT+ signal quality and power numbers
  • Bluetooth signal quality and power numbers
  • Network errors/delays
  • Overall system rating (scale of 1-10)

Zwiftinsider did a write up on it