TrainerRoad YouTube Change


This thing you’ve done on youtube where you’re posting 3-5 min segments of the podcast as distinct content is flooding my youtube subscription view. - 18 piece of content in 1 weeks, 4 pieces in one day, etc.

I can see the reason to do it eg. ‘Promote the podcast and the brand’ in bite size pieces but I’m likely going to unsubscribe from your youtube channel if this continues. You’ve actually managed to exceed GCN’s production in the same time period.

Adam Glass


I prefer the change. Sorry you feel differently.


Me too. Much more useful.


me too. prefer the change. quick videos of the highlights of the given podcast


Take it to the house then Adam.

This sort of post is just silly.


Mark me down as another who likes the change. I always listen to the audio podcast shortly after release. I didn’t like that the questions at the end were cut out and the TR team recently made the change to include them, which is fantastic. Now I can re-listen to some of my favorite segments on the YouTube channel without having to pan through an entire episode.

5 stars!


Send it!


I don’t see the issue. The chunks are better than the surface looks at topics.


I sympathize with the OP. The short clips feel redundant. But they don’t bother me enough to unsubscribe. I see the benefit of the short clips, I just prefer the full podcast (and don’t need both). Maybe a visual distinction in the thumbnail could help.


The videos will be kept to one per day moving forward.

Glad to hear y’all are enjoying them!


The thumbnails are different for that exact purpose. Should help ya differentiate :+1:


i hope you guys do the race analysis videos again. they were great!


We’re working on that as we speak! :+1:


@Jonathan is it possible to manage the vids on the channel so the snippets are filed differently and the full podcast is in its own folder


The Quick Clips are in their own playlist here:

The full episodes are in a separate playlist here:

As we get more quick clips, you can expect our channel’s landing page to change as well :+1:




Ok, seeing it now. Maybe using the old podcast backdrop for the new clips was a bit counter-intuitive, but I’ll get used to it.


Looking forward !!!


Was going to say I’m sure it will slow down after the initial release.

Absolutely Fantastic idea guys - fantastic way to get new listeners onboard!


I like it too, good idea.