Training Plans and gains



Im just done doing Low Volume Olympic Tri Plan, 6week Sweet spot base.
At only 2 trainerroad trainings / week I raised my ftp from 315 to 323…
So improvements will come!

I just do Low volume because I have:
1 - a full time job
2 - family with a 7 month old son
3 - swim 2 times / week
4 - Run 3 times / week

Would love to do mid Volume but my recovery would suffer and i would probably stop training.
Low volume is the way to go! :slight_smile:


Even SSB Low Volume adds stress and fatigue if you aren’t used to structured training. If you are older (like me >50), then you may need to tone down even SSB LV, say to 2 rides per week, or cut the 90 min ride to an hour version etc, to reduce the overall ‘stress/TSS’. It’s better to keep doing something, than try to do too much too soon, and then have to stop because of fatigue/injury/


When you say based on available time, is that workout days or workout time?

I just mention that as I have had a couple of spells where I could train the number of days required for a mid volume plan, but didn’t have the time per workout for the plan.

I was happy with my gains doing shorter versions of the same workout or similar. It wasn’t as easy then as it is now that there’s direct link to plus and minus variants.


If you really feel you can handle more stress on your ‘hard’ days you should look at the +1 and +2 versions of the workouts you have scheduled in Low Volume. These will usually add one more set of intervals and a bit of time - might be just what you’re looking for


@Macy really was based on training days, as I have Monday & Tuesday totally free for training then 12 hr shifts kick in from Wed to Fri and every second Sat so i try and juggle the last training day from the LV to fit a day im not not tired from work.