Training Playlists


No TR playlist is complete without this funky gem. Title says it all.


FTP Smashing hits!
Rock, punk, metal etc.:metal:


Not a playlist. It’s a podcast of 2 hours with liquid drumm and bass.


Call me crazy but I was really getting into this album this morning. Something about the sound of the trumpet made mashing those pedals easier :thinking::drooling_face:

Edit: I did skip the first track chaotic jazz isn’t my fav.


Can’t do it! Too much RHCP for me! :joy:


Loving this thread. Thanks for the new playlists!


Im normally a hard rock, or hard classical guy, but I found this the other night just flipping around and I’ve listened to it every workout since.


Mixed bag of rock/metal


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This one is for all us old dudes.


@Nate my 3-month-old daughter seems to really dig your ride playlist. I’m testing it out now and instead of crying as she usually does when Mom takes a bath, she’s all smiles and kicking away with her legs. Thanks for the save!


Many new playlist followers! Thank you!! Much appreciated :sunglasses::call_me_hand:


But fit :joy::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


The guy who does those used to go to my gym back in '11 '12. Haven’t downloaded one of them in a while though. I did find one of my old mixes and figured it would be something good to listen to once in a while.

I see sound cloud will host 180 minutes of music for free so I’m uploading one for fun.


Love the punk!


Don’t fall off!


Here’s an old mix I did on the 1’s and 2’s. Don’t think it’s all vinyl, but mostly, circa 2005 EDM.

I spent my 20’s as a DJ, my DJ name was bioteknik, came from a friend of mine since I work in biotechnology and it’s stuck as my online persona.


This is a list I have been training with all winter. Chock full of guilty pleasures.


not a special TR playlist, but playing around with Spotify I ended up with a collection of 80s oldschool punk/hc

guilty pleasures


My 80s hair band list