Training Schedule with 1 week to go to A-Race



I have 7 days to go until an A race event, what should my training calendar look like in terms of TR workouts?


Depends on the type of race and your preparation, but a good place to look would be the last week of the training plan that’s closest to the type of event you’re targeting.


sorry, should have included the event details. ± 3hr road race. expected 36k/h average speed. 106km distance with a total of 1,504m total elevation


I’d start by looking at the last week of the Rolling Road Race speciality training plan then - pick whichever volume corresponds to your normal training load.


Decrease volume, maintain intensity


Yes, this.

To clarify my previous comment, I meant pick the last week of whichever RRR training plan (low-/mid-/high-volume) has non-rest weeks with a similar TSS to your training load over the last few weeks, not based on the volume/TSS of the final week of the plan.


Cool, thanks for your inputs. I’ve settled on Huxley -5 (Mon), Joe Devel -5 (Wed), Truuli -1 (Fri) with maybe a very chill (30min) road ride on Saturday morning before the race on Sunday.


Don’t be afraid of throwing in a few openers, maybe 2-3, on Saturday. Have fun and keep the rubber side down :smile: