Trouble viewing workout notes on Iphone



Hi Gang,

When I’m trying to view the swim or run workout details I can’t seem to scroll down to see the details/ notes on my IPhone. I go into the app, click on the workout and that opens it up in safari. However once there I can’t scroll down to view any of the workout instructions. Any clues on what I’m doing wrong?


I went ahead and tried this myself and the Safari page that loaded was nonfunctional just like you said. I have gone ahead and reported this to our Test Team to see what they have to say. That said, in order to look at the workout descriptions you can go to the “plans” tab, select which plan you are doing, and then click on the little " i " next to where it says what week it is. This will give you a rundown of each swim and run workout.

We are working on getting the workout descriptions in the calendar but we just haven’t gotten there yet. :slight_smile: