“Turtling” when riding on the trainer


An awkward question, no doubt, but does anyone else experience “turtling” while riding on the trainer? This doesn’t happen to me when riding outdoors. For those that have experienced this, have you found anything to prevent it?






I just get to an active recovery interval go halfway through it then take care of it. Everybody poops.


I think that we are talking about different kinds of “turtling.”


I used to get attacked by terrapins while on the trainer but I stopped working out at the aquarium so it doesn’t happen any more.


To be fair to @ErickVH I thought you meant ‘that kind’ of turtling too… :joy:

Do you mean that your shoulders are tensing up and coming up around your head? If so, I find it’s really just a case of mentally ‘resetting’ and trying to force relaxation in your position.




Since no one else knows you’re talking about or doesn’t want to admit to know what you’re talking about- “turtling” happens to males below the waist in the front. We all have a clear picture now? Happens to me at times both inside and outside. Haven’t figured out how to fix it long term other than physically fixing it when it occurs. Good luck if you find a solution lemme know!


I still have no idea what you’re talking about. I thought you meant poop too.




Have you tried thinking of FTP tests


I think that is “Prairie Dogging”.


Ha ha!


This has to be the wierdest thread ever. I don’t even know what turtling is…


If this is what I think it is, does this only happen during hard efforts?




Try having less fiber before those hard workouts and / or letting your food digest for longer before hitting a session.


I’m cracking up that most people still don’t get it. Even with the turtle pic. Happy Monday everyone!


Pretty sure I definitely get it but it’s more fun to pretend that I don’t… so:

I’ve heard eating Prunes can help… and drink lots of water.