Tweaked The Old Back This Morning


It was dark. I missed a step getting to the coffee maker. Not sure how bad but, I’ve a long history of tweaks so it could be nothing or something. But, damn does it freak me out. Keep up with the core guys.


Keep moving as best as you can. Regular stretching through the day might help if it is not too bad an injury.
Recover quickly.


Update just in case someone searches and comes across this. Maybe it will help someone…

Long story short my right SI joint was “out”. One leg was about 1/2 an inch shorter than the other (pelvis tilted posteriorly). Interestingly my pain had referred to my mid back. I was thinking a facet joint but, no.

All that is what it is, but what was interesting was the Doctor made a comment how tight my legs were in general. I confessed I rarely stretch and told him about TR and how I thought the nature of training on the trainer had added stress in a new way (to me). Point is, he thought, having tight muscles in the context of an improperly functioning SI joint, could easily exacerbate the pain/problem.

Learn from my mistake. Stretch.


FWIW, all of my back issues disappeared when I started lifting heavy in the gym. Leg work on the bike (for now), and gym its upper/core work like benching, dumbbell pullover, face pulls, cable row, lat pull down, T-bar row, roman chair, etc. I’m too big to be a GC guy, and don’t mind carrying a little extra up top. You don’t need a lot of muscle mass (hypertrophy) to be strong.




I’ve had one back surgery(bulging disc), a few back injections. I will always have to be mindful of my back.
My lower back issues have gone away with regular hamstring stretches and hip flexors.
I’m working on my core but it’s slow going. I do the two stretches religiously though.




Steer clear of non-evidence based treatments. See a physio instead.


No BS. I let the basics of core and stretching go! Just performing the work on the bike and not doing the things off the bike to support it. I can talk the talk though! Good lord.

I appreciate and understand the recommendations for tradition, chiro, other approaches. My last L5-S1 L3-L4 explosion was 2010. I found a good team that helped me recover with no surgery. The sports M.D. recommended the Chiro who recommended the PT.

In the 2010 case small stabilizer muscles were not engaged and I guess the spine under load was moving enough to allow disc rupture or so the theory goes. 1 year of rehab 3x/week (I over did it) and I got back on the bike. Nothing but, strength training and stretching.

Once back on the bike I slowly upped the miles. 2012 until this year close to 10k/year with maybe 30 races each year. No major issues besides crashes, however, this is a wake up call as the pain of those Erector Spinae muscles spasming brings back horrible horrible memories.


I have gotten into a habit of getting off the bike and onto my Yoga mat, enjoy a protein drink and stretching…kinda decompressing after a trainer ride.

Worst I have ever hurt my back was ridiculously innocent. Setting on the edge of a chair and leaned forward to pull a boot off , the second I began to torque my body it felt like someone stabbed me with a hot poker in the hips. Spent the next 6 days in and out of bed, could not set down, could not bear any weight on my legs and dealt with some of the most focused pain of my life. Day 7 I was attempting to roll out of bed and my lower back popped and within a hour I felt like a new person…

Ever since I do not miss a core workout day…


Hot damn! I wish I lived somewhere with that many races. :disappointed: It’s weird here, a lot of pros come here to train or do whatever but there’s not a lot of local racers. :man_shrugging:

Ok, now back to your back!


That’s between Phoenix and Socal. Had the 1st couple next week end but, not so sure now…