UK Hillclimb thread

Hey, was just wondering if there were any other users building up to the start of the hillclimb season in a few weeks?

I qualified for the national hc last year (and then was on my arse for a month with glandular fever before it) and am hoping to have a tilt at a few this year again.

Two questions:
What sort of training plan are you following? What’s the craziest bike mod you’ve made to save weight and what have you got down to?

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Hey, I also raced the national last year. I’m not currently using TR mainly because I have not been doing anything specific but now about to build for my next HC on the 15th September. To be honest, I’ll just be doing my own thing this year as I don’t think the the intervals need to be complicated and I will just put my training together myself.

My bike was 7.2kg last year, I’m hoping to try and drop that by 1kg with some simple mods.