UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!

Ordered using the code. Thanks!

Have further refined my setup to turn on/off. Got the smart plug which is now controlled by Alexa routines and I use the now discontinued “echo buttons” to trigger the routines (found them on eBay). That way I don’t need to be frustratingly screaming “alexa turn on/off the fans” which seems to only work every second or third time. Is probably my Swedish accent that alexa and Google home don’t like!

Couldn’t resist and just bought a second one of these, they’re worth the money (and I’m cheap so that’s saying something!)


Had two rides with mine so far, very impressed. Definitely a big improvement on my amazon turbo fan.

Have to refine my placement a bit though.

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Thinking about a vacmaster. Someone mentioned the flow shape would be better if the fan was on its side. Is this true and is it practical and possible? Would also like to mod the rotary switch if anyone can suggest a source for it… thanks

No, as the intake is on the side. I’d somewhat disagree though, as long as you get it closer enough it’s about right to hit the legs and body not not the head (which doesn’t dry out your eyes)

Just had first ride with Cleva . FANtastic, lowest setting more than does the job. Got 10% off next day delivery. Highly recommend.

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What is the temperature in your room? I have one Cleva and one big axial fan both on the max setting and it is barely enough. Temps around 18 °C.

Because it’s also a Snooker Room, I keep the heating on all winter 24 hours (for the benefit of the table) Average temperature is around 16-20c depending on the time of day. I have the fan more of less face level close by. Perhaps I don’t ride as hard, as you?

Just placed an order for 2 and code worked. I have a large fan already, but these additional will cover all areas.

Good one! :smiley: I have my fans on the floor so that might make the difference.