UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!


I’m happy to hear that my simple googling skills have boosted so many europeans indoor cycling watts. :slight_smile:

If anyone happens to be outside of UK, since Cleva doesn’t seem to be able to ship outside of UK, there’s the Trotec TFV 10 S as well. TFV 30 S almost scares me. Trotec ships worldwide.

Someone, please review this one:


Here’s an earlier thread on the same topic.

The carpet dryer fans can work, but need to stack books, etc to get the angle you want.


Is it like, a freakin’, game changer?


Cleva is letting me select Ireland as a shipping address?


Ireland should be fine, I guess.

I’ve e-mailed them and asked if they can ship to Sweden. No response yet. That Trotec fan I linked to is significantly weaker, although enough for some perhaps, and the bigger Trotec model is overkill maybe (1200 W).

Edit: They responded quickly and said that they ship to Sweden as well. Ordered one!


I ordered and went to Amazon to look at remote control sockets… :grinning:



Just ordered one to Ireland, thanks for the find!


Yep, me too. Cheaper direct than addresspal… Thanks @hugo1 !


Anyone received and used theirs yet?


I hope it blows my socks off. Even if not, it is going to be better than the puny fan I have now.


Ordered yesterday, received today.

Excited to try it on my Saturday ride.


@charliecooper45 did you get a shipment notification? I haven’t heard anything since my order, so I’m wondering if it will be waiting at the house for me!


The Honeywell by itself is useless in my experience


Grown men and women, unable to sleep at night, shaking with excitement at the prospect of Santa (Parcelforce) delivering them their carpet dryers!!!



personally I’m giddy with excitement, and happy to admit it


I’ve two coming, so not only can I not sleep at night, but can’t function during the day either! :wink:


@Jonnyboy only an invoice, no shipping confirmation.


Ah yeah, it was more the fan/ remote socket combo I was laughing at. I’m (maybe wrongly) assuming that’s turbo users!


Yep - this morning. Switched it on and it emptied my desk of paperwork in an instant. Looking forward to using it for some over/unders tomorrow AM


Update: turned it on for the first time. Wow! Now I’m really excited to try it properly. :smiley: