UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!


Hi expectations here now


What’s the noise level like?


Fine - in line with other fans I have. A lot stronger though, used it this morning for over-unders and I reckon it helped (upgraded from 2 x “normal” rotating floor fans).


Got mine this morning, yep power is good. The lack of full adjustability means you may need to put a block or similar underneath it. I’m running it with a Honeywell fan at face level.

The plug socket on it is great for adding the extra fan, the instructions warn against using an extension lead with the main fan, but it does have a long lead as standard


V interested! Is it much more powerful than floor fan like this???


It packs a punch, loving my new setup


Oops, ive no option but run it from an extension lead in the shed!


I’d recently clocked these on Amazon but with no reviews and a price tag of nearly £80 I figured I’d pass for the time being. Glad someones looked and found them from the manufacturer, have just bought one to try, will likely buy a 2nd if it’s as good as they look to be.


The dryer motor itself is 150W, so it’s drawing very little current. The comment about “no extension lead” will likely be there because the dryer includes a socket that you can plug an additional electrical device/devices into (eg. fan heater, electric fire!) potentially significantly raising the current drawn through any extension cable being used…

So long as you’re sensible, there shouldn’t be any issues using the fan with an extension cable. As always, use a quality cable and ensure that all the things you’ve plugged into it don’t in total exceed the extension’s rating:


I have an 18" version of that floor fan (about twice as powerful), placed directly in front of my front wheel. I use it with a large pedestal fan positioned up-close.

The big-bladed fans move a lot of air, but it’s not focused, dispersed widely, so velocity and cooling effects drop off rapidly as distance increases. They’re not bad, but not ideal.

I’ve got 2 of those carpet dryers coming, ostensibly to replace the floor fan.
I’ll report back!


Many thanks!!!


Got two of these set up today, per the photos:


Had the carpet dryers positioned either side of the wheel, angled in, and with one ‘upside down’ (actually just rotated 180 degrees): they produce a narrow stream of air, so the idea of the positioning was to create a larger spread of air flow, from knees->face (due to the angles of the exit vents, the ‘upside down’ one creates a lower stream, despite its vent being higher).

I ran them on setting 2, both on the same remote.

Very impressed!

One of these would be hugely more effective than the 12" fan linked to above, and on setting 3 more effective I think than my old 18" floor flan (not shown, but see earlier). The only downside is the narrowness of the air stream created, as it hits a much smaller ‘zone’ of the rider compared to the floor flans, but the air hits with much higher velocity (multiples). If you’re not used to all-over airflow on the turbo, you might not notice this much.

A couple of these carpet dryers together, positioned to give a wider spread (body coverage), works great. The pedestal fan in the photos I’d normally soon have running full blast during a hard workout, but initially was able to leave it off, and then un it at its lowest setting because the carpet dryers were doing such a good job.

When the weather warms up and I want to run the carpet dryers on setting 3, I may stick them on separate remotes to give finer grain control when warming up at the beginning of a workout.

Fans, eh?, gotta love 'em :joy:



Off the back of the comments regarding the carpet blower, I went ahead and bought one.

Last summer I used the 50cm fan which works well, albeit it is very noisy and basically uses brute force to move air. Where as the blower is much quieter and more focused as less harsh a delivery of air movement.

I train in my garage which is cold (UK winter) so I have added a small 2.5kw heater blowing on to the blower which takes the cold edge off the air being blown on to me.

I control the fans using two Clic buttons, I can use google assist to turn the fans on and off if I wish.

It has definitely made a positive improvement to training


Anyone debating this: My Cleva fan arrived today and it blows (quite literally) my Honeywell fan out of the water. An excellent investment! Thanks to all in this thread :fist:


You’ve got me thinking that I should invest in a second to copy this setup… Looks like a good idea


ha, I’m thinking exactly the same…


Fang +1 with the cleva last night. I’ll try and get photo’s of the temp set up, but positioned it on the desk/ work top (on a pile of books) beside my TV and aimed straight at my body. Even at the lowest level made a massive difference to cooling effect. I actually think I’ll need to wear a jersey with it!

The position seemed to work for me, so going to look at shelf or block options (I’ll see what off cuts I have). I got the cooling effect full blast, and I can reach it from the bike to turn on (just).

Massive improvement over the fans I was using - I don’t think I’ll have the lack of cooling excuse anymore.


Snowflake problems here, it was so much cold air blasting on my face that I needed to put lip balm on afterwards :kissing_heart:


It works well - as well as I’d hoped - and it’s much (multiples) more effective at cooling than the 18" high velocity floor fan they’ve replaced.

Yesterday I did ‘Donner’, and at peak cooling had:

With the old setup, I was never able to keep any sort of top clothing on after I’d warmed up, because it’d reduce the fans’ efficacy too much…

Which means that using a pair of these Vacmasters I’ve still got some major cooling headroom left (top-off + setting 3 on the Vacmasters) for when the weather warms up.

I’d previously been toying with the idea of a Wahoo Headwind, but (a) don’t really want more firmware, (b) would prefer a physical remote rather than app control; (c ) was wary of Wahoo not publishing motor power (and then unearthed this test doc in the FCC’s database
suggesting it used a 1.3A power supply and hence maybe the motor was 150w max?, ie. the same as 1 Vacmaster); (d) and price!!! :open_mouth:

I’m well happy with the two Vacmasters. Nice one @hugo1 and @pgyates1983 for first finding and highlighting these. Result :sunglasses:


Yes I was vaguely tempted by the Headwind but could just not justify the £££, was holding off Hopi g something like the Lasko would pop up in the UK.

To be honest, one is providing all the cooling I need for now (including over unders earlier this week, but I have had to take the bike thong off to allow all of the airflow to hit my torso, having two off to each side would let me out the protector back on (and would give me options for a laptop/tablet stand).

Now we just need a cheap UK alternative to the Wahoo desk that is actually in stock…