UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1!


Here’s my temp set up. Pretty much blasting at my body. I can reach it out of the saddle, so the position also means I don’t have to get into remote plugs. I’ll probably look at a shelf at the same height as the pile of books.

It was a cold one last night, so although the fan went on, the Jersey didn’t come off!


Just got mine from Cleva. Very impressed at how much air it moves and being quiet at the same time. I was missing a lot. Find it a bit odd to have max setting beside off position, but it is of little concern. Highly recommend.


I just received mine as well, here in Sweden. Super helpful service and quick shipping.

The fan is 3 times stronger than 3 of my Honeywell HT900. No sweat dripping and I didn’t even have to open the balcony for cold air - during VO2max intervals!

It’s surprisingly strong and surprisingly quiet. I’m super happy with the purchase.


One question before I take the plunge – maybe for @Macy?

How much of your body do you feel it on? I don’t want to point it at my torso and only feel a thin strip between my navel and sternum! :smile:


Do they send it CLEVA-UK fan to Europe (For me to Poland) ?


It’s a “fairly” narrow, focused air stream, but mighty powerful. Whether the narrowness matters may depend on what you were used to before…

If you want a ‘taller’ air stream you could:

  1. move it further away from you (but run it at a higher setting); or

  2. use multiple fans aimed slightly differently or placed at different heights (one on the floor, one on a table/shelf) to create an overlapping air stream (+ run them at a lower speed). See my pic above for an example.

I’m a bit in awe of how effective these beautie are. Consider me a ‘fan’ :rofl:


I think being 1.5m away from it covers about 1m of body standing in front of it, perhaps it is a bit narrow. But in riding position it is pretty good from that distance.


Hah, well I have nothing currently: 20 mins has me sodden.


Yes. Just email them. They respond and ship quickly. I paid through paypal after getting an invoice.


I don’t think I’d even want a greater spread. If you got the fan aimed at your face it feels like sticking your head out of a car window - dry mouth and difficulty breathing. Aimed at my torso it’s great. The air that hits my face and crotch, around the main stream of air, is enough in those areas.


All my torso, and can also feel it on my knees at the top of the upstroke. Doesn’t get my head, but I’d think i’d have to wear glasses if it did. That’s just on the lowest setting so far, as the pain cave has been cold.


My experience is the same as @Macy one pointed at the body gives plenty of cooling, as it hits from the top of your knees (on the upstroke) and covers all your torso. I use a weaker Honeywell fan at face level. see picture above


Boom – ordered. I’m excited to see what I can achieve without overheating.


I think we should agree to call it a Hugo Fan from now on :smile:


I received mine last week. They send it on Tuesday and by Friday I got my package - in Poland. Shipping cost 10 pounds.

I am on business trip now and what I can say - it is much more portable than a standard fan, it’s important when you have to travel with your bike, turbo trainer and other stuff.


I ordered mine a couple of days ago, hopefully it’ll come tomorrow!


Do you like it? How are your feelings about fun? It is worth of money?

btw. Greetings PL friend :slight_smile: There are not a lot of us lol


Like other people said - it is great, but the stream of air is pretty narrow so it must be carefully positioned. And for me - not in front of you and not straight into your face, it’s too powerful. Definitely worth money - I finally paid 348PLN including shipping and transaction fees.

Here my yesterday’s hotel setup for FTP test. Worked great :slight_smile:


Did my 1st workout yesterday with the new Hugo fan. 3 things worth mentioning, my HR was lower by 10 beats, cadence avg went up by 3rpm and there was not a single drop of sweat from the drops compared to the drenched towels before. It’s the first time when 110tss felt ok. I may need to redo the ramp test.

I still wonder if being cooler during indoor workouts does any good for actual performance on the road…


Absolutely. Think about it, your body is artificially reducing your ability to work indoors due to thermoregulation. Artificial cooling (fan) replicates the cooling outside and enables you to train more productively and in the correct zone.

The question is, if you did an FTP test without cooling did you underperform as a result? If so you are potentially training indoors at too low a level