Undo? Am I missing it?



Possible to have an ‘undo’? I shifted a week by error, and would like to undo it. Is it already there and am I missing it?


If you “pushed” or “pulled” a week on accident, you can just click the opposite button to get it back to where you had it before. If when it was shifted it cleared an existing week, you’ll unfortunately have to manually add the workouts back in to your Calendar. The simplest way to do this is open the page for your training plan in a new tab and reference the week in question as you search for the workouts to restore. Let me know if you need any help doing this!
I’m also going to pass along your undo button suggestion to the team. Edit: This isn’t something we’re going to add in the foreseeable future. :disappointed:


Thanks. That is what I did. Opened the plan in another tab, and made the corrections in my calendar.

While that is possible, a simple ‘undo’ would help a lot. Not critical though.


I have a touch screen on my Surface pro 4 and a few times whilst scrolling I’ve accidentally moved one single workout to somewhere else. Can take a while to identify it!

An “UNDO” button would be greatly appreciated, not urgent, but maybe add to the growing list of requests :slight_smile: