Unofficial Petition to rename "Baxter" to "Nate"


Logistically, it my be easier to just rename @Nate.
:joy::joy: That’s a great idea.


Yes, I think I should just change my name to Baxter.


:joy::joy: How many different workouts are on TR?? You may be the first person in TR history to do the same one over and over and over and over and over

CEO repping the diversity of his company’s workouts here!!!




Nate > Baxter! :trophy:


How about just adopting Baxter as your middle name? Nate Baxter Pearson flows nicely off the tongue :grin:


he did it again today! :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

can we keep a count on consecutive days here?


And I can then claim that it’s named after me😂


He is doing it all week to line up his TR schedule with a planned race, I believe that is what I heard. I agree rename it to “Nate” or I like the other suggestion a little better of “Pearson” Just do it!


Wow, I’m on the fence with this one: My name is Nate, and I live practically next door to Baxter State Park.


It does fit with naming practices :thinking:


Gets my vote


Boom. This proves it’s meant to be!


Got my vote


Can we at least get a stickied thread titled “It’s been ___ since @Nate has rode Baxter.” Then we update that as needed.


I think we need a “Worldwide Baxter Day”!!! where your only allowed to ride Baxter! Guiness Book of Records stuff for most number of people doing the same workout in one day! :slight_smile:


Yes. When is @Nate ‘s birthday? That’s when it should be!


Yes - Nate’s birthday has to be a community Baxter ride!!!




It looks like Coach Chad has created Baxter +1 and +2 and they are now in the workout library.