Upgrade to Enve 5.6’s?


Have a set of Flo 60’s on my roadie that I’ve overall been very happy with, but am thinking about selling them and picking up a set of Enve 5.6’s.

Most of my motivation is because I’ve got a gravel/cross bike as well and after going tubeless on it a while ago I’ve really been wanting that option on my roadie as well.

Any thoughts? Does the ability to go tubeless plus the increase in quality justify the price of the Enve’s vs. the Flo’s?



I don’t have any experience with Flo wheels, but I’m on Enve 3.4 SES disc now and I can tell you they are the finest carbon hoops I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. I’m not even running tubeless right now, but they’re still the most comfortable road wheels I’ve ever had. They just have an amazingly high-quality feel to them—they’re probably my favorite part of any bike I’ve ever put them on.


Marginal gains? At least the placebo effect should boost you a bit :wink:


Ha! Wouldn’t be the first time I spent a bunch of cash for a placebo effect on the bike!


One of us! One of us! One of us!