Uploading Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar



+1. I would love to stop having the internal debate of using the ‘other’ site or Trainerroad. From my short experience of reading the forums, watching the Ask a Coach sessions, seeing the updates, this place is great. Unfortunately I need to analyze my runs too somewhere else.


fully support adding this feature. +1










That’s a +1 from me too



getting a complete picture of actual TSS from all activities would be ideal.

You could then offer different prompts/mini plans (e.g., suggested active recovery days or weeks) based on people’s activities outside that are imported.




also for the run and swim TSS calculation



I’m training for my first triathlon, Ironman 70.3 in Panama City, and I’d love to be able to analyze run and swim workouts too. I’ve never used a structured training plan for cycling or triathlon but feel like it would make it easier to track progress by having the ability to track all disciplines.


+1 here too…I upload runs to Garmin and Strava, but still actually use a paper desk calendar to plan my upcoming run schedule/training. I would love to just be able to do everything on TR.


+1. I’m mostly a cyclist, but my wife is a runner, so I have to pretend I like it every once in awhile… Just make sure the TSS incorporates the mental agony of actually having to run though :smiley:


Also i would like to ser time spent on swimming. Swim workouts is not included in weekly training time


A massive +1 from me too


+11 but admittedly the analytics on garmin connect are pretty good since it tracks stroke rate and time between each turn in the pool. Then running metrics like vertical oscillation and ground connect time, balance etc.


+1 as well.






+1, like many, having run and swim uploaded from garmin would be awesome.