Uploading Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar







+1 (it can’t hurt to pile on).

Really appreciate the work on the calendar so far – good balance of info (displayed intuitively!), and no information overload. But manually checking off completed run/swim workouts is annoying (one always gets behind), and really, what’s the point? Without having access to the workouts through TR, it’s just a repository of TSS #s. And as for ‘un-planned’ non-bike workouts? That gets even harder. If I have to go somewhere else for the workout data (TP, strava), then I may as well manage that calendar there. As the TR guys are always saying, we live in a time-constrained world, so you gotta choose your battles.

One other niggle is the app link to a workout. For cycling, you pick it and the workout is right there. For run/swim, you have to ‘view activity online’. Too slow, too many clicks, and a real PITA when you’re in the basement pool with no cell access.

Fix these things and TR becomes my everything calendar.


+10000 When I have a run come up, I would like to see the rest of the information vs changing to my browser and waiting … waiting … waiting … waiting …

Though perhaps through the linked calendar …










+1 for importing runs and swims from Strava!


Have we been given a date yet for when the automatic importing of Run and Swim workouts from Garmin or Strava? It seems to have been raised as an issue ages ago now. It’s taking a long time to arrive.


There was an update recently with no set date but to say its not one of the most important things being worked on right now…i.e. manual entry for the foreseeable future.


Another +1 for automatically importing swims and runs here. This is my 3rd year doing triathlons and I really like TrainerRoad but I find myself using TrainingPeaks because it auto-imports all activities and assigns TSS scores. I could get rid of my TrainingPeaks account if TR did this for me.




I would love that too


When you guys manually import your runs how do you classify how hard they were in terms of RPE.

For example…a hill repeat workout. Of my 75min run probably 45min of that, maybe 50min is warm up and cool down (low intensity) and the rest is sets of 2min or 3min repeats.

The entire session isn’t a 9, but the repeats themselves are?

Currently I just rate all similar workouts the same so even if the TSS estimation is off, at least its consistently off.




I use Training Peaks (free version) hrTSS.


Yep, ditto. Right now I use TR for my cycling calendar and TP for ‘everything’. If I could get automatic uploads of swim/run to TR I would likely drop TP.


Thanks guys. I don’t use TP so not an option for me.

Not a huge issue as the weekly TSS for swim and run isn’t a big concern for me


If it is not on the road map, please look into adding “custom” run and swim workouts. That way we could just pull those workouts from our “library” onto the calendar and not have to recreate them over and over.