Using a bigger screen display, but at lowest cost possible


At the moment, I have TR display to my iPad mounted on a music stand. I am thinking about maybe displaying to a larger screen permanently wall-mounted, but want to do so at the lowest possible cost. Any recommendations? Thanks.


Assuming you have a TV, the Lightening to HDMI is the best.


Thank you Chad. I was hoping someone might recommend a suitable screen size / model? Room is limited where I do my indoor rides, so something wall-mounted. Not too huge.


Ok. I’d say 32" screen, mounted with the bike just off the wall is a decent size, but not too spendy.

I started with that and moved up to a 4k 40". For Zwift it gives an even better feel in the 1st person view.



A trip to Costco or Walmart will show that TV’s are very cheap (it is amazing what you can get for $200), but to go cheapest, I would:

  1. Buy a used AppleTV off ebay to project your screen across. Even the older pre-internal storage ones should work.
  2. Try to find someone or company throwing out a 22’’ or bigger monitor. I picked up a 17’’ off the side of the road to get me started. My work seems to donate away 22’'s all the time.
  3. $20 at harbor freight gets a basic no adjustment tv mount. Maybe $40 gets you a adjustable wall mount for up to a smallish TV at amazon, or for $20 at Ikea you can put a shelf on the wall.

I’m currently running a 1080 32’’ TV with a 3rd gen Apple TV when I want to project the TR workout rather than watch free World Cup mountain biking on the RedBullTV app and just cope with the smaller TR display on my phone.

You could also sell a couple things on ebay and fund the whole deal.


A 32" TV can be had for not much more than £150 if your willing to spend that much. I bought a Toshiba model from which doesn’t seem to be available anymore but there are other choices around that mark. That size works well for me in my room.

Black Friday is coming up. I imagine there will be some price drops to be had in all the usual outlets over the next week or two.


That’s a great setup Chad. Thanks.


Thanks Julian. Very helpful.


Many thanks. Much appreciated.


Also keep you eyes on sites like and over the next few weeks. Black Friday sales typically bring the lowest prices of the year on televisions and electronics.


Assuming you’re in the US you should be able to get a TCL 32” or 40” cheap.

I got the 40” for Zwift and TR.
You can connect using your phone or iPad with the lightening HDMI adapter.
Or you can often get a refurbished Apple TV for $169.00 and mirror the screen. You can also use the Apple TV to run Zwift and Ful Gaz directly with their TV apps.