Vertical yellow line issue?


Same issue here. Yellow line vanishes and reappears on what oddly seems like a 9 second cycle (no pun intended!)

What I did notice is that the issue seemed to start right after an update to my NVIDIA graphics card drivers.


Any update on this? I don’t want to submit a separate bug report, but after updating to the latest version on windows yesterday (extended WU/CD woohoo - thanks!). I still have issues with the vertical yellow line and the line indicating my FTP is still missing.


I was wondering about this too on my workout yesterday.


Still the same here. its been a month and a half now without any differrence, its getting verry annoying tbh!!! specially when the power drops sometimes cos the line just when away a fractien to long…

Any updates guys??



yep had the same issue from when a update got done,support sent me a list of things to try and nothing it still happens and yes a couple of months now :unamused:


I’ve been in contact with support for this issue (and others) since it first happened. Its on their to-do list.

It doesn’t actually affect the workout at all. And if you switch to minimal mode the issue goes away.


I have this issue also since the last update on my laptop and the white ftp line is missing. I noticed there was a new update today but I didn’t get a chance to test it out. I get a few short drop outs per ride but my legs usually enjoy them :slight_smile:


I can only second that (for me) this is also just a visual bug. I don’t have any dropouts or data points missing afterwards.