Virtual power gone mad due to low temperatures?



Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Not sure if it’s a problem with my old iPad or maybe with the trainer slipping on a cold drum?


I once did a trainer ride outdoors when it warmed up to -5C or something one winter because it was a sunny day. Didn’t have any dropouts or issues.

It could be one of your sensors. When the battery is low on the speed or cadence sensor and I lose the connection, this happens. I think it only happens if the speed sensor isn’t picking up.


Not directly related to your question, but I’ve noticed power between Kickr and TR lagging at the beginning of workout since it got cold in my basement. It’s taking 10-20 seconds to come up to target power when the workout starts. No issues or dropouts after it reaches target. Just the lagging at the beginning.


Trying to do a ramp test but this is very demotivating. I’m thinking it’s either the weather being cold in the UK or the TestFlight update.


I had something a bit like that when the battery on my speed sensor was running out. Could you check that?


Wipe down the tyre too, excess rubber messes up the resistance which shows up on the power stats.