VOS, Valley Of The Sun Stage Race - Cat 5 Coupon Code



My team is promoting VOS for the 27th time again this year down here in Phoenix Arizona! I’ve been working hard to get the CAT 5 field number up but, I’m falling short. If you or anyone you know is thinking of racing this event please enter the coupon code: Cat5Woody at checkout to receive $30 off registration.





This is a great stage race for Cat 5’s, you get to do a TT, a RR, and a Crit so you get a little bit of everything and the fields often have people from all over the country who are looking to get out of the cold and sneak in an early season race.


Yes thank you @Vision646 ! The cat 5’s (men, women and the men 40+ cat 5) all do the ITT Merckx style just to be clear. Merckx just means use your road bike. We wanted to make it easier for out of town folks and those who don’t have a TT bike.


This is a fantastic promotion! I wish I’d known about it earlier - my team is taking a group of Cat3/4/5 to the Tour of the Southern Highlands as the first race of the season, because Road is diminishing in Ohio.

Bravo for doing your part to attract new cyclists, and for holding such a large event! The payouts are great!