Wahoo KICKR 12 Speed confirmation



I now have confirmation that at least one combination of 12 speed works with the Wahoo 2018 KICKR.

I installed a Sram NX 12 speed cassette on the KICKR and with my 2019 Intense Sniper Pro with Boost spacing it works and the shifting is smoother than my road bike was.

It also works perfectly with the Wahoo Kickr Climb once the wheel base and wheel size was set up in the wahoo fitness app.

The NX cassette, which is the least expensive version, works due to it being designed around the spline standard instead of the XD standard


haha, that big cog looks insane on the Kickr!


It’s almost the size of the flywheel :joy::joy:
Thank you for posting this as I had intentions on doing the same as spring got closer!