Wahoo Kickr Climb


What has been the experience of TR coaches and TR subscribers with the Wahoo Kickr Climber? I understand that the inclination progressively increases once one reaches 0.8 FTP, but how is that working out in the real world specifically with TR workouts that include either brief or long interval changes in power outputs? Thank you.


I find I use the Climb about 50% of the time with TR workouts, depending on the workout and whether I want the interval efforts to simulate climbing or not. If not, I just leave it set at 0%. For very short, intense intervals it can be a bit irritating to be pitched up for only a few seconds (and with a second or two of lag), but then those short, steep pitches on the road can be a bit irritating as well!
For other software like Zwift and Rouvy, I have the Climb on all the time and find it great.


Thank you. What is an example or two of TR workouts with which you really like have the Climb?


I don’t really like raw pitch to effort setup. I just.use it in manual mode and adjust angle to suit my preferences in intervals.