Wahoo Kickr compatibility issues



After months of waiting I finally decided to buy me a trainer and get started on TrainerRoad.
So I bought me a new Wahoo Kickr Core, awesome!
The box arrived at my house, I unpack, build and try to install my cassette… BAM it does not fit :frowning:

I have a Canyon Exceed MTB with a sram 1x11 (X0) setup, but apparently XD drivers are in no way compatible with the kickr. Even tho all the info on their site and such say SRAM 11 Speed compatible… not this kind of 11 speed then… :confused:

Is there a way I can still ride my MTB on a trainer and have it compatible with my cassette?
I have read some possibility that some road cassettes “might” work with my X0 derailleur, but this would require adjustments to my derailleur, which in turn would mean I would have to re-calibrate my derailleur every time I swap from indoor to outdoor.

What are my options to be able to get to ride trainer road!?


Any 11 speed cassette will work. The spacing between cogs are the same and the width of the cogs are the same between SRAM/Shimano road/mountain bike groupsets so it will work just fine with the RD and chain you already have. I’d just pick up a 1130 spec SRAM cassette or 105 spec Shimano cassette from your LBS or online retailer of choice and you’ll be good to go.

Congrats on the new trainer!


Thanks for the quick feedback.
I have ordered a PG-1130 11-42t it kind looks like the 10-42 gearing I have now.

Only sad that I had to spend more money, I hope to be in buss by tomorrow :slight_smile: