Wahoo Kickr Snap: Through Axle Adapter question!

I just bought a used Wahoo Kickr Snap, which didn’t come with the through axel adapter. I’d like to use my disc bikes on this trainer, which have through axel’s (Wife’s tarmac, my venge).
I see Wahoo sells them for $80! Do I need theirs, or are there cheaper options for this adapter that would work just as well?

You don’t need the Wahoo one. CycleOps, Robert Axle Project, Kinetic and others offer compatible options.




agree – robert axle was good.

You can use any adapter, but be sure to find the thread pitch that matches your specific bike. Wahoo’s is $80 because it includes all common thread pitches and, therefore, can work on any bike. I have a Kinetic and it was cheaper, but each thread pitch must be purchased separately (something to consider if you have multiple TA bikes with different thread pitches).

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That’s one reason I like the CycleOps version. It covers the 2 most common pitches, for a better price than the Wahoo one.

Funny thing; the cycleops ends up being nearly as much as the Wahoo. Wahoo ships free so you end up paying $80.
CycleOps charges $50, plus a flat $15 to ship (ground!) and $5 in tax.

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LOL, whoops. I ended up with mine in a larger order, so it wasn’t an issue.

Looks like the same skewer is available from many other vendors, and I bet some of them have free shipping at or around that point. Add a tube or some other spares and you can get it with little or no shipping.

I paid $60 for robert axle all in.

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This is an option.