Wahoo Power Smoothing and offset


Is there a way to display the actual power data from a Wahoo Core without smoothing? I have turn off erg mode power on the Wahoo App, but I am still seeing that perfect line when I’m doing my workouts?

Also, the Wahoo Core is reading ~50 watts lower as compared to my Quarq across the power range that I tested (100/150//200). Is there a way to offset the power reading from the Wahoo without a power meter? There is a manual offset in the power match, but I guess that only applies if I actually have a PM on the bike? My trainer bike does not have a PM and I do not wish to put my outdoor bike on the trainer.

I am in the midst of getting a replacement unit from Wahoo, but looking for a stop gap solution in the meantime so that my TSS does not goes out of whack with the different FTP/power readings between indoor and outdoor.



Hmm, i did turn off the erg mode power smoothing in the fitness app, but I’m still seeing perfect lines. Does the app need to be turned on while doing my workouts in TR?


I would not run the Wahoo app at the same time in general. It might be OK if you are connecting via ANT+ in at least one connection. You can only have one live BLE connection at a time. So, I guess that could be an issue.

I’d make sure to only be connected to the Wahoo app, verify the setting, then close the app. Then try in TR and see what you get. When it’s right, you will get the normal jagged power lines.