Wake Up Trainerroad!



Are the training plan rides on Trainerroad (but private?). If not, are you supposed to create your own ride via some kind of a workout creator on TR?

  • You will see an “Extend” function during the Warm-up and Cool-down period.

It’s weird with this - not every workout has the extend w/u or c/d option (radio button). Am using MacBook. Seems like it should just be a built in click or function key to extend whatever interval is on screen. Be it w/u, work bout, recovery between bouts, c/d.

This isn’t a big deal. I can just continue to cool down with my headunit recording the extra minutes. Or if I want more w/u can pause the workout. But you know how it is with data nerds, we want every second and every calorie and watt accounted for.


Tnx for the “z” tip. I’d seen the 8DC type stuff. Not quite what I’m after. Tonight I’ll look through some history and give better illustration.

Looked back and one of my favorite non-plan type rides was a sufferfest called: To Get To The Other Side (TGTTOS). About 95 minutes of pace changing. Hard enough for a good workout and enough changes in pace to be entertaining. I call those “fun”.

Have done 1/2 Disaster. That was fun. Full Disaster maybe some rainy day just to join the club.

Anyway, nice chat on how things may evolve. My main interest in TR is the workout structures, interface and the training plans. I like the system and it works very well as it is. Even if it doesn’t evolve (it will) it does what I need.

Cheers – MC


If you are bored… give disaster a go :wink:


… or the -1, -2 versions if you want a smaller bite. All of them are interesting with the variety of workouts. Almost feels like a mini-race with the various intervals employed.


I think that this thread has strayed significantly from its real intent of triggering @mcneese.chad with all the ways to spell TrnrRd.


Back on topic, I think the overall point of the OP and the following posts were focused on the potential Feature Request type nature of ideas to help TR remain relevant, useful and profitable in the future.

To that end, I think it succeeded. As to future ideas, I think submitting a Feature Request post for each individual idea may be a bit easier to discuss and review, with less clutter. We have many of these posts in this “TrainerRoad Software” category with the “Feature Request” name and tag, that have been discussed and commented on by TR reps.

That system and the active involvement by TR is one of the things I really value. They have cultivated an environment for users to share ideas and are open to suggestions from all angles. Good stuff all around from TR and our group members. :smiley:


Sorry for going back to the original intent/question. When I made a decision to become a faster cyclist I looked at all of my options from a coach to zwift to cyclocore and everything in between. I tried a couple of videos given to me from a friend. I did sufferfest at a buddies house. Zwift’s 7 day trial was in there along with a couple of others.
My decision came down to simplicity and function. I’m the type of person who can sit on the trainer and do whatever the screen tells me. I don’t desire the video game of zwift nor the social aspect of it. I chose TR because it fits my needs perfectly. There is no distraction and it works! Fire up the laptop or cast my phone screen to my TV, jump on the trainer and get the work done.

TR is designed to make you a faster cyclist and I am proof that if you actually follow the plans rather than cherry picking workouts it does exactly what it claims. I started last winter in decent shape having just come off of cx season. SSB 1 & 2 began in late January. I followed base, build and spec. plans all the way through missing or shortening workouts only on race weekends all season long. Sure, I still did outside rides on the weekends, but I still completed probably 90% of the prescribed workouts and it payed off tremendously.
Just last month I renewed my subscription mostly because of the success I’ve seen in my racing, but partly because I like the changes and additions that TR is making. I like the simplicity and don’t desire the superfluous distractions.


This is honestly 100% the opposite of what I want out of trainerroad. If they implemented these things I’d probably cancel my subscription.


If I wanted to play a video game I would play Red Dead Redemption 2. But I’m not here to play a video game and I don’t need to be entertained. Ill work my gut off with the program and Watch or listen to whatever I choose.

Lovin TR. Keep it up!


Hey guys, I came to this thread for the scissor references and misspelled company names, not for legitimate discussion of the OP!


I genuinely believe that if/when TrainerRoad (I’m not completely heartless Chad) release features that predict your FTP increase based on current fitness and workout completion. Then THAT will be a game changer for the serious user.

IMO there is no point arguing over or worrying about gamification. Data mining and utilisation is obviously the strategic direction of travel and is hard baked into their plan for the next few years.

I for one can’t wait.


I agree @willball12, this thread has clipped my attention regarding the point of Trynerrode. If we could trim down all this “wake up” talk and quickly nip it in the bud, we could address the true issues and gather some valuable snippets of training knowledge. Better to hedge our bets and just move on.


In this commercial, Zwift is the sports car, TR is the Fiat Panda…
(my fave car commercial of all time)

Might not look flashy but gets the job done :slight_smile:


I was on Xert last year for 4 or 5 months and that software attempts to predict your future FTP, and to my chagrin, not very successfully.


I’ve never seen that one before! I wish I could give that more than a simple “thumbs up”.


TR is the Fiat Panda…

I wonder how much that option costs?


I would have said OCD.


The market, while a pretty tight niche, has significantly opened up with the arrival of standards-based smart trainers using ANT+ and BLE. All of a sudden all the users who were locked into a software solution provided by their trainer vendor ended up as available customers for anyone offering an open training solution - and Zwift got there at the exact right time.

This said, there are a lot of different customers out there. Peloton targets the spinning class crowd, Zwift tries to carpet-bomb the entire segment, TR sticks to the structured-program-training aficionados, and SufferFest hovers somewhere in between. At the end, there will always be a large offering, it’s not going to consolidate to just one or two players, the entry barriers are now too low for that; and the winners will be those who understand their customers, deliver them what they need, and stretch the envelope enough to bring in new ones. “Do what the others are doing” is not going to be a winning strategy.


Let’s not even begin to compare Swingline Staplers…