Wake Up Trainerroad!



Red ones?


I would like to see the option to train with other users. Either remotely or in the same room. Would be great winter training for our team.


Just to double down on the suffering thing, I love to reference James Huang from CyclingTips who said that he went to a hiking and outdoor expo and it was striking the difference in imagery in the advertising material between that and InterBike. The outdoor expo had… you’ll never believe this… people smiling! Having fun! Whereas InterBike was full of grimaces and pain.

TrainerRoad is fine. Sort your own entertainment out if you struggle to stay in the workout.


After reading this thread I’ve decided to trademark and create my own training program called ZwainerFest! It will be everything to everybody! :wink:


This would actually be pretty cool, having a “friends” or so tab or “team” so you can sync the workouts easier if you’re online training with a friend or even studios using the software. It might be a bit easier than everyone just pedalling and letting the workout start.

Overall coming from zwift, I find TR to be much better. Watching an avatar pedal around some poorly designed landscape that looks like someone just learned unity just doesn’t cut it for me. TrainerRoad and it’s simple UI lets me get everything I need to know at a glance and put on whatever I want to watch on the side with ease.

I would like the Website and the App to communicate a bit better with one another but overall I’ve been really really happy with TR.


I don’t like it. I want something more and specific just for me depending on the mood, the day and what I ate prior.


I plan on including moon phases and tropical weather patterns. :smiley:


I was mulling all this over earlier, whilst doing sweet spot intervals that were 25 watts above my FTP in Dec 18. And I thought “how can TR have messed up so much?” :wink:


Zwift is close to implementing this functionality. They currently have “group workouts” which tether the riders together and they have recently introduced “meet ups” which allow a group to coral together at a start point. The “group WOs” would be great if you could set the WO and the “meet ups” would be great if you could use the tethering of the group WOs. Once they have the ability for the “meet ups” to tether the group in a common WO, that will be a game changer.


Do we have to capitalize “software” too?


Hey, I love the trainer. I developed my shopping addiction totally separately. :wink:


Yes, but only when identifying that specific category name on the forum… :wink:


Not yet. There initial attempt at training plans was weak. But 100% certainty that Zwift will be implementing TR type functionality and Training Peaks type analytics very soon. And then the choice for Zwift as serious training tool becomes (too) compelling.


Agree on this - raised it before and someone pointed out the comments often include notes on when certain topics are discussed. Would it really be a lot of work though for a TR staffer to cut the podcast up into the topics and make the titles searchable too?

Just an idea. @Jonathan


That would be amazing !!!


Every episode thread on the forum gets the subjects added. And they are made into links that jump to the relevant section of the video.

I take it that you’re not subscribed to the TR feed from YouTube? They have been releasing MANY clipped videos on topics just like this.


They have already started this, check out the you tube page for trainer road quick clips

Edit: @mcneese.chad beat me by a full bike length there!


Thanks for letting me know about this. Is this quite recent? Whjen I was looking at the TT video (164) about 4 months ago, when I first encountered TR, and I was frustrated that I could not easily get to or find the parts I wanted. So gave up a bit on them. (That is why, though subscribed to the youtube channel I have not visited it in a while).

So, for instance I was watching 164 TT Stae champs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sPs4lH4Onc&t=2972s and it does not have those markers.

I appreciate it would be a pain to work backwards, but there must be a host of good stuff in the little snippets, the videos are often quite wide ranging, and it would help.

Will start looking at the channel again.


It’s fairly recent and they will continue to add videos, I believe that the aspirational goal is 1 per day


While this is possible, I have very strong doubts it will be ‘soon’. They just got a big infusion of money for e-sports and I think this will remain their primary focus in at least the near-term. The investment dollars for training and analytics are just not the same.