Wake Up Trainerroad!



Agree… rolled my eyes a bit (a lot) reading the OP. Why assume you know their membership trends, or their plan, or their competition. OP clearly doesn’t.


Not yet. There initial attempt at training plans was weak. But 100% certainty that Zwift will be implementing TR type functionality and Training Peaks type analytics very soon. And then the choice for Zwift as serious training tool becomes (too) compelling.

How does Zwift become more compelling by simply following along? Zwift still haven’t solved the main thing that keeps me from being a customer - they only have one ‘entertainment’ option and it sucks. I far prefer watching Netflix or Youtube or (with harder workouts) listening to the music of my choice, than watching a bunch of video game cyclist butts.

When you’re just spinning around doing completely unstructured Zwift noodling, OK, the cyclist butts are sort of meaningful. But I don’t get on the trainer to do unstructured noodling. I’m on the trainer to get faster, which means structured workouts, and the Zwift video game aspect is completely counterproductive to this aim, for me. Doesn’t matter how much they add in the realm of analytics or structured workouts (and they have a LOT of catching up to do there), I’m still stuck watching boring video game cyclist butts, that during an actual workout really have no relevance to the workout. No thanks.


And still doesn’t address their device requirements either. A closed android beta (edit - turns out I was incorrect - FAKE NEWS), for limited devices (for what seems like a substantial time. I actually do want to try it, after so many seemed to do laps during Disaster Day - no sign of the beta opening up since. If my Android device options (which both work without issue on TR) are even supported.


Another option is to use the Soundcloud episodes.

They still add the markers to jump to topics in there as well. Mostly convenient on PC/Mac use, but it may be possible on the mobile app too?


Are you sure it’s a closed beta?

I recently installed it straight out of the Google Playstore on my phone without signing up for a Zwift Beta or anything.

More on topic:

I used to just run TR and some music when I was training. At one point I got a bit fed up with structured training and did two weeks of whatever kind of training I felt like that day and decided to try Zwift on one of those days.

Nowadays I run both of the simultaneous where TR controls the power and Zwift just follows and it seems it’s working better for me.

(Macbook runs TR via ANT+ connection on trainer, Zwift runs on my phone and gets the power numbers via bluetooth, I mirror my phone’ screen via Chromecast to the big screen.)

It could very well be that the visual representation of my TR effort in Zwift creates a more mental positive feedback than the layout in TR.
On the other hand it could also be the two week break of structured training that has given me some positive energy.

Guess it’s great that there is so much diversity out there in training software, just keeps the companies sharp and innovative (or at least it should). And as a consumer you get to choose what works for you.


I can verify that it was originally. They limited total number of users in the initial Beta release.
But that was 6 months ago and it is likely that they have opened it up since then.


Ah ok, I should’ve asked if Macy was sure it was “still a closed beta”. I won’t edit it as your post clarifies that part.


Actually, just double checked on web, and it’s not supported on my device, but is on the awful kids tablets (a bit bizarrely, given the difference in specs). So no, not closed beta as it turns out!

I just pushed install to my Android Box, which is showing as supported, but then I read that it doesn’t work with my Hammer, so I’m still a ways off experiencing zwift as it turns out!


Thanks or the Soundcloud tip @mcneese.chad that helps.


The only I miss are the old PRs. I’m fine with turning on Netflix or playing a podcasts for entertainment. However, this is coming from someone that let his Zwift and suffercrap subs lapse.

My guess this would get better reception on the Zwift forum.

Best of luck to you m8. To each his own. May we support the cycling to the best of our abilities.


Great- that’s fantastic!! Haven’t been on the forum as much so have missed that.



My reaction is in the context of the OP’s ‘Wake Up Trainerroad!’. Not about what Zwift is, but what it might become.

If you want to piss and moan about Zwift there are enough other topics. But then again your point is clear and adds nothing new to the argument.


TR serves it’s core very well.

Essentially it’s a product and brand build for and around it’s “1000 true fans”, but if you can nail something for them, then many others will find it appealing and your userbase can be huge. It is always evolving, and adds features and functions in the same way, and if like @Shay_Vansover it’s going in a direction that you don’t like, then maybe it’s not for you.


I guess you misunderstood me. If Zwift is just trying to become trainerroad, then they have a major stumbling block - that their platform seems inextricably linked to the subpar ‘entertainment’ on the screen.

Unless they remove that stumbling block they don’t have anything that appeals to me, or, I am guessing, a large percentage of TR users.


A thousand times this:

New features and app improvements are fine, but please, Nate & co., don’t forget the heart of what makes TrainerRoad distinct from those other products: a dedicated focus on training and improvement.


While this might be true, I can’t imagine finding the additional cognitive load of Zwift a useful addition to truly challenging workouts. For my purposes in training, Zwift’s UI is a detractor. Zwift races and noodling around are a different story.


That’s how I feel about Strava, working platform but needs some new!
I see TR as a gym, I turn it on to make progress, not especially looking for a fun time (liking the nice UI and podcast)


It is hard to be good at everything. A subscription service getting a $150 from all of us makes it super hard to scale to do everything well. Hence, Zwift needing to raise prices recently.

Staying singularly focused and being the best at one thing is hard enough. And it’s the only way to survive and build value.

Most of us don’t go to Zwift for structure nor do we go to Netflix for linear TV and ads.

Further, I’d submit riding around virtual London is only so entertaining. It surely will not make you faster.

However, I do see my next blogpost. Wake up Netflix… get young and the restless or you are doomed.


To add to the disagreement, despite what folks think, Polls over on slowtwitch have shown that - overwhealmingly - Trainerroad is still the most highly used platform of any indoor cycling app among serious athletes. (Note the emphasis.) Just ask Slowman.

Trainerroad’s highly methodical training method, as long as it continues to deliver results, will remain unmatched for serious bike racers and triathletes alike.

And their quest to continue to improve performance and analytics and training are what make them successful. Not trying to make it FUN.


That surprises me as when I was last on Slowtwitch I thought Slowman was pushing Zwift a lot.

Funnily enough I don’t think I have been on Slowtwitch much since this forum got going.