Wake Up Trainerroad!



The Xert model, if it is ever figured out, will be where the real $$$ is.


You can have 2 windows of same browser up at the same time. Just pull one of the windows to the left of the screen and the other to the right side so you get a perfect 50/50 ratio.


Watched this last night and thought it was a fair analysis of Zwift training plans. Yes, he is pushing his coaching, but I couldn’t help but notice he was essentially explaining traiNerroAD. What’s also interesting is I used to think I wanted color coded TR workouts based on intensity, but after seeing them I realized I don’t think I’d actually like it.


Awesome! I never tried that. Dummy me. Thanks!


I love the all blue TRainerROad uses. I love how nice and simple my calendar looks.


If you use Windows 10, you can press the Windows key and the Left or Right arrow to automatically force the page to the left or right half of the screen. Do the same for the other side of the screen.


Yeah, that came up in my youtube yesterday, looks like he’s fairly new on youtube, he definitely articulated a lot of things I felt about zwift plans that I couldn’t quite speak about intelligently, especially the seemingly random aspects of their workouts

There’s a clubmate of mine I see doing the ftp plan and I think I saw some complaints of tired legs, meanwhilehe follows me and sees I’m crushing the TR SSB2 HV, so if people aren’t copying me when I’m posting about my gainz that’s on them lol


I’ve switched to Tridot for programming for this exact reason. I still do TR workouts where they fit. I’m a cell phone only user so I can’t customize the more varied workouts so I just find an even workout and adjust on the fly. I prefer TR summary of the data vs TD so they work well for me.


I have never heard of Tridot. Does it change your scheduled workouts based on your recovery?


Lose more weight?


Possible, as 154lbs / 69.8kg and 5’11’’ / 181cm, but don’t really want to go any slimmer / lighter.


You are already very light.


This makes sense, the 1/2 rider with a lot of time to train is going to be trying to replicate the endless Z2 hours their counterparts in warmer climes are doing. Their coach or DS if they have one is also likely pushing this kind of approach.

For that kind of workout Zwift is likely a better option than TR.

For those of us who don’t have 20hrs a week to train, old school mega Z2 volume isn’t optimal and what coach Chad is serving up makes far more sense.


Totally agree.

Gimick-free fitness please.

I enjoyed Sufferfest mostly for the music, but can’t stomach Zwift for longer than the initial "ooooh it’s like a computer game " novelty. And the advert for Peleton is truly ghastly.


I keep reading the title of this thread like the intro to…


I have used Zwift, but I think it is way behind TrainerOde (:stuck_out_tongue:) in terms of laser-focused workouts. Zwift could be good for group rides, and I personally don’t see myself racing on the platform, much less watch other race on Zwift.

As I dip my toes into events like Cyclocross, I guess I’ll find myself using TrainerOde more and more.

Thus ends my Ode to TrainerOde.


I came back to TR because I felt confident in putting my fitness into their hands via the training plans. I enjoy Zwift but did not feel like I could trust the training plans. I came across this on youtube which kind of confirmed my doubts. So for me TR is still the “serious” option.

The Problem with Zwift Workouts and Training Plans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmVZshpLaqs&t=777s


Not to mention it costs a Pelo-Ton of money


Please don’t change, I use trainerroad to get faster via structured indoor workouts.

Zwift - Social aspect is good, I’ve done a few rides with my brother who lives 400miles away and enjoyed that. The racing is frustrating though and tbh zwifts work here is laughable for the average punter, it’s full of either blatant cheating or a lack of knowledge causing w/kg to be way off. It feels like they are more interested in getting the pros on board and monetisation than creating a race ecosystem for everyone. If I want to race, I’ll pin a number on.

Sufferfest - I still use sufferfest, I’ve 8 videos from before they went to a subscription service and I use them on the rollers to spin to. I think they are TRs nearest competition but I feel that TR has a greater flexibility in their workout and training plan choice.

The only improvement I can think of that would benefit me is some sort of adaptable training plan e.g. it tracks my workouts and metrics and if I’m performing well or showing fatigue then it adapts the next workouts in the plan or maybe even during a workout.


Well I have a request for the programme. To give me my desired FTP without to much effort