Wake Up Trainerroad!



I am feeling a bit silly for arguing with a long term TR user such as the OP, but I can speak as a new user. I joined TR in October after trying Zwift and Sufferfest first. While those apps didn’t resonate much with me, TR immediately did. Yearly subscription after a few weeks.

I don’t like social media and all the distractions of other platforms.
I like the nerdy, scientific touch of TR. I can entertain myself as I wish. Also, the technical foundation of the things/apps that I use seem rock solid - I appreciate this. Podcast and forum are all the community that I need.

The only thing I like besides TR right now are real-world video routes for the occasional pseudo-outdoor experience… but I wouldn’t expect this to be part of TR. Keep it lean and make it the best it can be.

Love the calendar btw!


Your opinion is entirely valid, possibly more so than long term users, as the argument being made by the OP is that new users aren’t attracted to TrainerRoad and the subscription base is declining…


Let Zwift and SF lead the peloton. Lets face it, they, more than TR, are going to convert the masses to indoor training. What they offer is just so lovely and shiny.

TrainerRoad, meanwhile can sit second or third wheel specialising in making it’s users faster.


It’s all been said, but…

  • I like straight forward and simple.
  • If I want to race or ride with friends I will do it outside, not on a computer where I can tweak my numbers to appear faster.
  • Structure is good with out all the hoopla and distractions


Zwift is a toy, Tr is a tool. We have trainings to complete. Let’s dismiss boys ! :grinning:


That is overly simplistic and dismissive to the point of not being useful and somewhat elitist.

This apparent attitude is something I try to counter when I see it. Zwift can be, and is used to great effect by many, many people who are equal to or faster than TR users. Discounting it as a “toy” is a mistake, IMHO.


I respect your opinion but does not change mine.


Zwift was cool. I got more new bikes and kits faster than I could in the physical world. I got little medals and such - the good ole pat on the back.

This past weekend’s rides (outside) were the pats on the back I was looking for from TR. True example of the “power” that is TR. I’m into reality…


This thread is a bit absurd on many levels, not the least of which with the provocative title is the presumption that @Nate and the rest of the TR folks have no idea on how to run a business, do not understand the market nor their competition, and have no plans to keep their product relevant.


Best analogy so far!

Who is on the doomed breakaway?


This is how I look at it. I know that Zwift probably appeals to the masses more than TR, but so does Peloton. TR fits what I need, and in general what a lot of serious athletes want. The calendar was the innovation that brought me in as a subscriber after playing around with free trials previously. TR provided not just the training plans and platform, but now also the planning and tracking functionality that supports most of what we need. Some of us go nuts with data that probably doesn’t actually help us get any faster, but free engines like Strava, Golden Cheetah, and Garmin Connect can provide the data nerds like me what I want without paying a dime.

I like that Nate and the team keep the analytics and engine simple. I think they sit in development meetings and Nate asks, “Will this make them faster?” When the answer is yes, they innovate. When the answer is no, they don’t. I like that.


I would actually argue that the 4DP test is an excellent example of exactly what not to do.

TrainerRoad spent a lot of time working on the new ramp test to make it easier, less intimidating and less time consuming for its users to complete so they can better make sure they are working at the right level. On the other hand, the 4DP test is now harder, more intimidating and more fatiguing than previous testing protocols. If TrainerRoad want to do anything to personalize different zones I definitely think the power curve is the right way to go.


The 4DP ‘FTP is dead’ thing is overblown imho.

The TR guys readily accept that VO2 is slightly different for everyone for example and that we as riders should be aware and make adjustments.

FTP works great for setting zones which will make you faster in an appropriate training schedule but it’s not an end in itself or entirely definitive.


So let me understand your point -
For example - you never raised any criticism lets say for something your government/PM/President did or said, because it’s provocative to think that they/he have no idea how to run the business? Probably not the case - am I right?
I don’t presume that they don’t know what their doing. On the contrary - I care and love TR - I want it to grow and remain attractive.
They can choose to do what ever they want with it - it’s their business - I have the luxury of expressing my thoughts out loud.
BTW - I do agree that the title is a bit provocative and too ‘loud’ but I guess it’s too late to change it now.


I’m new to TrainerRoad (joined back in December when I bought my first smart trainer). I’m here rather than one of the other platforms for these reasons, which I think overlap with your list:

  1. Clear training plans with the ability to adjust them easily as needed (and suggestions on how to do so on the site and in this forum backed by rationale)
  2. Simplicity. I don’t want someone else’s entertainment. I want minimal entertainment, and I want the platform to be focused on the training aspect of training. I was a runner who raced before I got into cycling. I never had entertainment with me for my running workouts, even most of the indoor ones. I like to focus on the workout at hand, especially for any sort of interval work. On the bike, I’ll play some music when on the trainer, but that’s about it (and it’s mostly to drown out other noise in the house).
  3. The consideration for the science. I like the podcast/forum/training plans because there’s clear thought given to the science behind training and lots of thoughtful discussion of it.

Social media has it’s place, but for me, I don’t want it integrated with my training program. I understand that the masses may appreciate that social aspect that other platforms offer, but I think there’s still going to be new subscribers like myself who appreciate the approach of the TrainerRoad platform. Every product has room for improvement, but the direction TrainerRoad is headed in seems most in line with my desire for a platform primarily focused on training and making you faster.


And somewhat related discussion about tailored training in the recent Zwiftcast.



“Wake up Trainerroad!” says it all.


“A successful product in this century can’t exists without harnessing ‘virtual resources’ whether users, functionality, social and other.”

How does one infer anything else than you feel TR has missed the boat?

You could have simply started a thread with suggestions or feature requests.


Zwift and TR are two seperate products. I think some use Zwift because it’s “easier” than TR. TR takes a fair bit of focus and discipline. Most of use here like that about it. Some people just like to keep turning pedals inside without burying themselves.

I use Zwift as a secondary product. Next time you’re on there keep an eye on the other riders. It’s tough to know for sure but it looks like lots of users are just noodling along with some junk miles. Which is fine. Before TR I would hardly even ride all winter. Something is better than nothing.

I think most would agree that if you’re putting in serious work you are more likely to use TR. If you’re looking to just keep from being a couch potato Zwift is the answer.

TR likely has the smaller user base just because of the structure. Those that are looking for that structure know there is no comparison. TR doesn’t need to keep up with Zwift or Sufferfest. They are not the same product.


I joined last October having previously used Zwift the winter before and burnt myself out by February with all the races and “hang on” rides I was doing.

I found TR through their YouTube videos which kept appearing as suggestions based on my viewing history. Although long, I was hooked!

The final things that made me join were the new calendar, which simplifies planning, the power curve and the “fitness” line.

I also like the fact that you can do whatever you want while using their platform. I tend to watch YouTube videos of famous climbs or racing crits. Like in Zwift, my attention will drift to the numbers when things get hard. You just zone all the other stuff out which does beg the question of whether I need anything other than a number on a screen! Sometimes the simplest things are the best.


I use Zwift for 2+ hr training sessions with 20+ min intervals at steady power. I still import the TR workout and use erg mode within zwift, but for me the game keeps my mind occoupied more than yellow lines following a blue bar.

For shorter intervals and rides, my mind is occupied enough just keeping up with the effort required.