Wake Up Trainerroad!



I think if I could have any change it would be more detail in the run and swim sessions.


And I’m pretty sure there are a number of others who have a good idea!


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Before anyone goes too over board with the wishlist… Apart from the structure/ plans, one of the big things I always sell is the relatively low device requirements of TrainerRoad.

TrainerRoad works great on my middle of the road Android phone, my just about minimum spec (ram only over the line with burst) netbook, my Android “tv” box.

I’ve no idea whether I’d like the games/ social aspect of other options, as they’d require fairly serious investment to even try!

I’d prefer the focus as it is, at making it a one stop shop training tool. Flicking through the thread I could see merit in the likes of yoga or a structured off season (if that’s not contradictory) workouts and strength. But the actual workout software is good with me.


I considered editing the title to something more appropriate to the intentions. But I decided to let this run the course for a while first.

Largely off topic:

  • One issue that drives my OCD crazy is the incorrect use of the “TrainerRoad” name (one word, two upper case letters is the correct display). :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel your pain! :joy:

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+1 for being a fan of TR.

I’ve been with Sufferfest & TR for several years. I also use Zwift in the winter for longer weekend rides when i can’t be arsed to go outside in the rain, but it’s a toy, it’s a totally different thing to TR. Suf is fun but it’s a crazy bit of chaos, not a serious tool.

To the OP - we aren’t all into the same things, some of us are older and more serious and not into the shiny crap, we just want things that take focus and work. TR pretty quickly turned me into a 47 year old 4.3W/Kg rider. It works, it’s good.

So i’ll stick with TR. The only thing that could make it better is if i had a TrainerRoad mug to clutch in those long boring office meetings when i’m daydreaming about banging out some over-unders after work…



A little love from northern Lower Michigan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You do realize you just gave the entire forum the idea to NOW misuse those two things at every chance :man_facepalming:


Yeah, not the first time I’ve shared that about myself… and regretted it :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured my OCD was likely apparent already, but have fun with it. I have nothing better to do :wink:


Drop the ban hammer!!!


It’s funny, I’m a consultant and I frequently reference TR as a case study in alignment of strategy and execution. For me Nate and team have nailed it over the last 2 years, the mission statement is crystal clear and the execution aligns tightly to the strategy.

The podcast, ramp up in social media community, new functionality, have all cemented TR as the training tool of choice. I think the roadmap has been well executed, it would be easy to burn resource on non-value add features that aren’t aligned to the core mission statement but So far TR have avoided that. Z

Zwift has its place for entertainment and racing, but it’s not a cohesive, structured tool yet. I’ve played with Xert last season and that has potential, it’s easy to see how that functionality combined with the TR platform would be compelling (buy it guys!..) but I suspect they are well down that path anyway.


If I want to ride with others I do that outside. I dont need Kudos, video’s etc. I like to keep it basic and enjoy the pain and pleasure of a good simple workout


Yep. I don’t think TR is trying to be all things to all people. It’s trying to do one thing and do it as well as possible. I don’t think Nate is interested in gaining every user Zwift has (I mean I’m sure he would love that…) by being reactive to what other competitors are doing and trying to dip into the gaming or casual rider market. If I were running a start-up, I’d want to follow my own vision rather than always reacting to others, in the process losing sight of that vision. I think that’s an inherent advantage of running your own business. Then if enough people love it, you get to make your money pursuing your passion. I can’t think of a better way to work.


Read the first post and skipped straight to the end. What needs to change? IMO opinion, nothing. It’s indoor turbo training with great training plans and great analytical features. I don’t want anything else, I don’t want it to become anything else. If it stayed the same for the next 10 years, I’d still pay for it.


if your OCD is really bad, you’d know that it should be written CDO :wink:


There is probably no other app like TR that allows to take these workouts outside. Because of this simple interface. With PM, HRM and Cadence, those workouts can be done outside using a mobile device. Real life graphics and feel is a bonus :slight_smile:


Agree. I think this is one of the big advantages they have over the likes of Zwift. It was one of the biggest factors for me anyway. Now I’ve got a couple of young kiddies I’m not exactly flush with disposable income, so the initial setup cost was really important. TR runs great on my Android phone… I only needed to purchase a bluetooth speed sensor & the TR subscription and I was good to go :sunglasses: If I’d have needed to spend much more I’d still be pinning British Cycling workouts on my wall.


Same here. I work out in a shed with no internet, I use just an Android phone and listen to offline Spotify playlists.

For me, TrainerrOad is perfect!!


I have to admit, I do find it frustrating that the central and critical functionality of tRAINERRoad is often overlooked or seen as less important than having some fancy add ons that are now seen as essential.

To me it’s akin to the cyclist thinking that buying new carbon wheels will magic him to the top of the hill before his mates, when its the lack of training that is holding him back.