Wake Up Trainerroad!



Exact same setup here. I like to refer to it as my Rocky IV setup :boxing_glove: The bonus is it takes quite a bit of messing around to set my bike up, so I never bail on a workout :slight_smile:


You’re right about tRaInERrOaD, but there are two types of indoor trainer users; those that are looking to maximize training so they can crush it come in season, and those that hate the trainer (necessary evil) and need anything and everything to motivate them to get on it consistently.


This is a good point. Despite what you all would likely admit, I bet there are more users that fall into the second case.


But you can cycle with both and be fine :wink:


Good point, but most of what I have read on motivation suggests that those kind of motivations are transitory in nature and unsustainable in the long term. so should Triener Rode put them at the top of the dev list? I would suggest not.

Anyhow, this is all hot air from us. From what has been posted officially, TR already has a multi year strategic plan in place and their development roadmap is welded pretty tight to it.


I see that Zwift is now affiliated with British Triathlon. I am assuming that this was the sort of thing that the OP was talking @Shay_Vansover was talking about.


I hate you guys… so much. :exploding_head: :crazy_face:

Well played. :rofl: :joy:


No…this is perfect!


So which one is the proper one, T’rainerRoad, Train’rRoad or Trainr’Road






Isn’t that just how you’d pronounce TrainerRoad if you grew up in Leeds or Huddersfield?

I agree with the above posters who prefer the clean focus and lower cost of TR compared to Zwift (which is a fine product, don’t get me wrong). I don’t think Zwift necessarily have a better social media game than TR as I rarely hear about them organically, but they certainly do have a lot of advertising.


I am reading this thread as a way to provide positive feedback on what we would like from the TR Team in regards to new features. I could be wrong but I do not believe there is a concise list of new feature options publicly available where the TR user community can ‘vote/rank’ what is important to them. I am sure that Nate and team have thought of this and maybe it is in the works.

My top three asks would be:

  1. Using more than just FTP to help determine my fitness level and then having a more real time evaluation of my current fitness via my workouts/rides data to plan out future workouts needs.

  2. Ability to use Zwift or other similar platform and ride the TR workout. I understand the concern of exporting the TR workout to a *.zwo files as that file could be made public. I find it much easier to work hard and complete the toughest intervals in the more competitive Zwift environment than watching the TR screen or watching a video (even bike racing) in the background.

  3. Better analytics in the training calendar to be able to track ramp rate, and other metrics. The team is on the right track with this imho.

I have left TR this year and I am using a Xert and Zwift combination for this season’s training, but I still listen to the podcast and have had great support with the TR support team. The TR team does a great job and I have little doubt they will continue to innovate and that I will be back using the software in a season or two.


In the language used in governmental authorities, at least in Sweden, it’s “Trainerroad”, “Ikea” and “Iphone”. We don’t use the company logotype spelling.


This. If TR did this, I would rejoin.

In my case, I don’t look at the main Zwift UI, and I don’t care at all about the social stuff. But I love the Zwift Companion App (on my Android tablet) for structured workouts. It shows me what I’m doing, what I need to be doing, and what I will be doing, all with good UI/UX design.

TraynerRode (hi Chad!) has a UI that is as bad as Golden Cheetah, at least on my MacBook.

(Sidebar: The TR workouts are floating around the interwebs in .zwo format, so from a purely technical standpoint I could pay TR, never use it, and do the workouts in Zwift. But apparently that is against the rules so I won’t do it. Bummer!)


This is already supported. Just use two ANT+ dongles on a PC. One connects to Tronerrid and the other to Zwiftt. TrainRide controls the power, Zwifft doesn’t control but just gets the power signal feed.

Love and kisses to @mcneese.chad


There are a couple of ways to mix TR and Zwift (as well as other apps that allow non-control of trainers, like Zwift does).


  • LOL, I love all the OCD triggers.
    You guys are awesome, for realzies :smiley:


I think this just shows that there’s no way to please everyone with one UI design, because I find the TR interface significantly easier to read than the Zwift.


I have the same OCD as @mcneese.chad, but it’s amazing how it doesn’t bother me when it’s done on purpose as a wind-up. This could be the cure!:thinking:


Exposure therapy for the win :wink: