Wattbike Bluetooth Connectivity?


Hi everyone! First time posting …

I have access to a wattbike at a local training facility and can’t seem to get Trainerroad to connect to the wattbike. It has both Ant+ and Bluetooth capability and I’ve successfully connected the trainer to the Wattbike Hub app on my iPhone but can’t get Trainerroad to recognzie the device. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I don’t see wattbike as a supported device but there are some outdated how to guides on the wattbike website for connecting to trainerroad.



I’ve used it with a few different wattbike, if I remember correctly I had to start recording the ride (just ride) on the wattbike before it would see it on the trainerroad app on one bike I tried. After that the app seemed to find it fine when I just woke the wattbike up. Worth a go if u haven’t tried it.


@Honsakwm If you check out the following help center article that goes over how to pair the Wattbike to TrainerRoad, there is a video that will walk you through the process!



I’ve used a few different Wattbikes in various gyms. As Shane says above, I often find you need to press a few buttons on the Wattbike to get it to start broadcasting.

Generally I need to get on, start pedaling, press enter on the “Just Ride” section of the screen, enter my weight, and then find the Wattbike in the TrainerRoad app. Then good to go.


As above and also the Wattbike cannot connect to more than one device at a time so you need to make sure it’s not linked to Wattbike app, for example.


The start pedalling advice worked for me after the wattbke and I looked blankly at each other the first time I tried…
I doesn’t seem to transmit before this?, so TR/SF apps didn’t ‘see’ it.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will be heading back to my gym tomorrow to test this out! Cheers!