Weight Scale Integration

@renschler I didn’t know you had to go through the website to add Training Peaks. You can’t do it through the app. I got it working but I love that you process takes care of everything else!

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I’ve only been testing for a couple of days, but it seems like fitbit will accept data from a bigger range of scales.

Based off this thread I’m going from the Renpho app --> Fitbit --> MFP --> Connect. So potentially the fitbit option would open it up to more people (like me! :wink: )

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I just added Fitbit as a source. So you can sync from Withings/Fitbit to TrainerRoad/Strava/Garmin/Fitbit. I’m interested to see how it works with Eufy, Renpho, and other smart scales that sync to fitbit.

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Just signed up there now. I use the renpho scales, as per the other thread.

Garmin is kinda my record of truth, but I’m assuming that connect will sync with myfitnesspal like it does with a manual entry.

Then I’ve connected TrainerRoad and Strava. I’ll let you know how it works tomorrow after morning weigh in!

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Just to clarify, right now you manually update your weight in Garmin Connect, and then this gets synced with MyFitnessPal?

If that’s the case things should continue to work with Smart Scale Sync. The service automates the manual uploading by logging into your account and performing the action, so I don’t think it will break the connection with MFP.

Before smart scale I manually updated connect which synced to mfp.

Since getting the renpho, I’ve been syncing Fitbit --> mfp --> connect.

I disconnected Fitbit to mfp, so in the morning it should be smartscalesync to connect (onto mfp), TR, Strava.

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ok gotcha thanks.

also I forgot the Fitbit API works differently than the Withings API, so Smart Scale Sync will actually process your most recent weight as soon as you start your subscription and connect accounts. So it should have already uploaded something to TR/Strava/Garmin even if you haven’t weighed yourself yet.

Yeah, I noticed that. Well in TrainerRoad and Strava. I wasn’t sure on connect as that was updated this morning via my old method (so was obviously the same weight).

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If you look in the mobile garmin connect app, it should also display the body fat %. (Although if the old method somehow updated Garmin afterwards, it would have overwritten the Smart Scale Sync data bc Garmin Connect only supports having 1 weigh-in per day).

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See that now - excellent! Well excellent that it displays, not that the figure it’s showing is excellent! :smiley:

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I’ve been hounding Garmin support once a week for the past month because the advanced data (body fat % from Fitbit; body fat %, water %, muscle mass, and bone mass from Withings) should also display in the web app but there’s a bug. It’s not a huge priority for them but the support rep has encouraged me that it’s in queue for review by the engineering team.

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All pushed through from the Renpho scales/ app via Fitbit this morning…

  • Garmin Connect - updated weight and body fat %
  • TrainerRoad - updated weight
  • Strava - updated weight
  • MyFitnessPal - updated weight (via Garmin Connect).
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Curious to know when TR will automatically read my weight from Apple Health?

Right now I use a Nokia Body Cardio which writes my weight to Health. In turn the Wahoo ELEMNT app reads that from Health and automatically updates.

Would love to see this functionality with TR!

Yes, that would be nice. I’ve got an older Fitbit Aria and use MyFitnessPal app to sync weight into Apple Health, and then Strava reads Health to update weight.

I just got a Nokia/Withings Body Cardio Scale and I have it set up to autosync to everything but TR

I’d email support so it can go into their organizational flow chart for improvements. I’m not certain TR plans to use this forum as a means of prioritizing development suggestions, but I may be wrong.

Yes, it’s an older topic, but I would really like this too!

I have my Nokia Body+ app on my iPhone setup to sync with the Apple Health app which syncs with Strava which then syncs with TR. It works.

Sorry to drag this up @veloriderkm , but how have you got TR to sync weight with Strava? I have a Withings scale too (Nokia resold the division back to the Withings management team) but I can’t see a way of syncing that weight to TR…?

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https://smartscalesync.com/ works flawlessly with Withings Scale. I weigh myself every morning and my weight syncs to all my accounts (TR, Strava, Garmin, Zwift etc).

The developer even emailed me when he saw that my Withings account has stopped syncing (and e-mailed me again when everything was back up).