Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum!



I’m so glad you heard all our requests for a dedicated forum (outside of FB). The fact that you guys listen to customers is why I continue to renew my yearly subscriptions! Love you guys.



One less reason to have to use FB!!


Well done guys - the forum is an excellent addition.

Now, to totally integrate the TR experience…add the forum to the app! :sunglasses:


Hi guys.

I’ve been using the app for 1 year now, and I’m very impressed on how fast things are evolving over this short time.

Ow…and I’m also much much faster them 1 year ago…:smile:

Regards from Brazil.


Great job starting the forum. It’ll help those of us who don’t use FB and didn’t want to start just to be able to get more out of TR (and be part of the cool kids with access to beta testing, discussions etc).

You guys have really been firing on all cylinders recently - forum, calendar, analytics, all the updates to the app. I can’t think of anything else I pay for that works this hard on improving their service (if only all companies were this motivated and well run).


Thank you so much for adding the forum. I belong to the beta testers group and the podcast group on FB, but I can’t stand using FB, so I am very happy to have a new place to interact and find answers to questions.

Performance Analytics
All in addition to what was already a tremendous product! You folks are killing it, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work. It is far too rare to find a company that is so clearly motivated by making an excellent product, not just a profitable product, and it is very obvious to me that you place a heavy emphasis on keeping your users happy and your product top notch.

Well Done and Thank You!


Really glad to see this, I plan to learn a lot and also help out.


Ok TR and @nate, please integrate a simple pinned link from the forum to TR so you can just click and switch to your plans and calenders. And back. Thanks!


I actually like this new medium for dicussions, easier to follow a high volume of topics which Facebook wasn’t great at.

Question, will his forum available on the mobile Discourse app? Can’t get it to load.


It is, I’m not sure why you can’t get it to load. If you just save a link to the forum on your home screen that works too.


Thanks for the response @Nate. I started working shortly after I posted. Must have needed some coffee. :wink:


Good to have a forum now, however I think there needs to be sub categories (Bike Tech, training etc) cos its getting pretty unwieldly now to have everything in 1 roll.


Already in place:


Ah I see. UI isn’t what I’ve been used to, the default seems to be latest.


Click the triple lines at the top right. Then you can either:

  1. Click “Categories” to load the screen I showed above.
  2. Click any of the specific categories as desired.
  3. Click any of the upper options to get to Lates, Unread, New, etc.



How do we use the discord app to find this forum on iOS?


Discourse is the forum software. Don’t think there’s a standalone app.

Not Discord, thats more IRC like.


Full instructions:


Full app and connectivity is possible. See my post above.


Great… another internet time suck. My wife is not going to like TrainerRoad. :rofl: