Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum!


I’m getting the “who are you texting on your phone?” questions. :sweat_smile:


Never got a FB account so finally get some exchange from other users.


Just joined today and already such a great repsitory of information. Is there any Android/iOS app? Mobile browser format seems okay, but just wondering if there’s an app as apps tend to build in a lot more functionality.


Same functionality, but you can download the discourse app then link to this forum. You get notifications for topics you follow and mentions.


Aye, if it’s the same I’ll just use mobile browser. Thanks @Nate!



It’s a wonderful thing. Forums are the way to share data !!thank you.

  • And apparently Zwift just learned this as well :wink:


Discord - it’s more of a Geek/Gamers VOIP system, not really a chat app.


Thanks @mcneese.chad , always such a help!!


Thanks for setting this up, I can see this becoming a very useful tool for the new and experienced athlete.
My one thought/question is:
When I think forum I immediately think of car related forums with ‘build/project’ threads where someone will document there car build/project to show other like minded enthusiasts. As soon as I heard the forums plans this where my mind went. Start a folder (sub thread I think it’s called) and we could all start showing our progression with weight, power, distance, speed whatever is your goal and link it with what training plan you’re using.


I second Tim’s idea. I’ve seen on quite a few forums the idea of a Journal category where users post their story in their own thready “Paul’s Journal”. So for TrainerRoad, their progressions in FTP etc but also what they’ve been up to, races, epic rides and plans, setbacks, triumphs.


Those can go into either the Results or Training Categories, whichever is appropriate.

Likely Training for start and progress.

Likely Results for major achievement and larger takeaways.


Ditto, my husband!


More fantastic service from TR. Smart idea, really well executed with Discourse. Great service to members. TR is just a great, great value. Great to part of the community.


Been watching the podcast on YouTube for number of months and delighted to have now subscribed. Keep up the great work love what you guys are doing.


Is it possible to switch my forum settings to a dark theme? Unless I missed it, was unable to find anything under Preferences.


That was possible in the beta-forum. But they removed the option.


Hopefully I’m just missing it, but is there a button on the forums to quickly get back to my TrainerRoad Career page?


@Spots It’s a two-click process, but if you click the TrainerRoad logo on the bottom left of the page you’ll be taken to trainerroad.com. From that page, if you’ve already logged in, you can click your profile picture on the top right of the page and be taken to your Career. Hope this helps!


Yeah, that’s how I’ve been doing it. Was just hoping I had missed an easier way more direct way.