Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum!


@Nate @Jonathan @chad thank you for setting up the forum. Listening to the
Podcast and hearing what was going on in the Facebook group I felt I was missing something but could not bring myself to sign up to Facebook…the forum fixed that and is great !


Thanks for joining @Fatchance!


Long live bike forums and tapatalk


@Nate @chad @Jonathan is there any way we could have the name of plan we are on tagged on profile or something?



I think that might be technically possible. All our dev resources are working on making the desktop apps better at the moment. And with our upcoming roadmap I think this will be on the back burner.


@Bryce I am not sure if this should be directed at you but maybe you can forward it to the correct person.

Would it be an idea of creating a few sticky/pinned threads with specific categories that summarize or contain links to discussion on those categories?

I’ve seen on a few occasions that a response in a thread get’s a TR approved stamp, that’s a bit of the idea with these sticky/pinned threads that TR guides newcomers to the threads where they can learn from the most.

For instance:


  • Links to topics such as:


  • Training:

Just to get people started and maybe it help in reducing threads with the same topic that can clutter the general discussion on these topics


We discussed having a pinned “FAQ” post at the top of each category. I am happy to help work on that if that is what TR wants to do.


Thanks for the feedback! I also think this could be a really good idea, I’ll run it past the team this week to see what they think on the subject :slight_smile:


Wow. Since subscribing to TR and I’ve become a “much better rider”. The training plans are fantastic. The first year I enrolled, it was more about understanding the training formats and how they were helping me improve. Last year, it was all about focus. I achieved a target weight I’d been wanting to achieve for sometime. I did a ride from Houston, Texas to New Orleans and did my best time ever. This year it’s about rededicating myself to the sport. I know, this message isn’t about how good the introduction to the forum is, but I just wanted to show my appreciation for the tool. TR rocks!