We're hiring React Engineers! (Remote US Available)


We’re hiring React Engineers! (Remote US Available)

Are you a React or React Native engineer and would like to work for TrainerRoad, apply here!



If you have any questions about the job let me know!


If I remember correctly, you were initially open to hiring worldwide, but found out that it is complicated to pay salary to these people? Is this still the reason?


Time zone and tax implications are the reasons. Where are you from?


For the benefit of we users who have not the faintest idea of what you are asking about: what is a react engineer?


React is Java based (Java script library actually) software used for user interfaces, originally used by Facebook. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/React_(JavaScript_library)


I m from Belgium :frowning:


I had been keeping an eye on the jobs at TR, hoping for a remote front-end / javascript / react role to come up… unfortunately I am based in the UK :frowning:

Good luck with the search!


Ugh, the one time I regret being pure Java… :rofl:


I am in Latvia (UTC+2/ UTC+3) but that does not matter as I lack React skills (more of a backend development experience with some GWT and Angular skills).

On the other hand, that job listing sounds amazing and programming challenge looks fine even without React experience.


I have to ask…

I’m an experienced React developer working in Alberta, Canada and have been using TrainerRoad for several years. The time zone here is only 1 hour earlier than Reno. Our head office is in Mountain View, CA so I have some experience working remote as well.

I feel like I might be a good fit. Would you guys be willing to work to solve the tax implications for the right person? Or is it just too big of a problem for a single employee?


Just JavaScript, not Java. Java and JavaScript are unrelated, except that Netscape was trying to integrate both of them into their browser at about the same time.

We’ve been living with the resulting confusion for more than 20 years now.


Hey Nate, what’s the timeline on these hires? It’s a dream job and I believe I could be perfect for it, but I’m not at the point where I could start until summer 2019.

Background: I am in the process of a career overhaul. I’m currently a cycling coach (I have multiple athletes with whom I customize TR plans and I recommend it to everyone :sweat_smile:) and a teacher at a middle school. I’m working on my own and through a programming apprenticeship to build my knowledge and experience to the level I’d need for this position. Several postings that TR has had open over the last several months made a big impact on helping me realize that software engineering is what I want to do in the near future. The job post is like it’s directly targeted at me, except for my relative inexperience. Ultimately, if these are filled, I intend to apply and inquire in summer anyway. Is there an internship or anything similar that I could work towards in the meantime? Basically, I want to take every step to make it happen when it’s possible. I’d really like to talk about it some more, even if it’s only to get some feedback on how I can best work towards the goal of getting into a position like this.

Thanks a lot!


From what I understand the Canadian might have big tax implications if everything isn’t handled just right (I’m not sure if it can be handled). So we hired you, you might get hit with a big tax bill. If someone is totally willing to take that on we could talk, but I’d feel SO bad if you got hit with like 30% tax on your contractor work.


We don’t do internships, but the best thing I can say is just learn learn learn and practice practice practice. We’ll have more job postings in the future and you can apply as many times as you want. This won’t be the last job posting.


Thanks for the quick reply, and the advice. That’s exactly my plan. Remember my name in about 5 months. :grin:


Super pumped to hear you guys are moving to React! We’ve moved our company to React and React Native and we’re loving it (front-end dev, here)!


I was pure Java until about 7 months ago. Got bored and fancied a change so moved to more full-stack (with React). Loving it so far.


React has a funny way of making everyone happy. Speaking as a former back-end dev (now more full-stack) I love it too!