We're hiring React Engineers! (Remote US Available)


Oh man :slight_smile: Why am I 9h difference from you :smiley: I finished a lot react based project but well I got the time difference problem. Maybe some day I will move finally to US.


Some of our devs doubt react-natives awesomeness. Do you have any more details to share? What did you used to use?


It definitely takes some getting used to because the component-based method of writing UI was (at least for me) something I had zero prior experience with and felt awfully funky at first.

We’re much smaller than TrainerRoad, so the switch from Backbone/Phonegap was a little easier for us I’m sure. That said, it took at least six months before I was totally on board too. Once I realized how much less code I was writing and how efficient that code could be I was sold.

There’s definitely a kind of [at-times pretentious] group-think in the React community that turns some people off but I love listening to Michael Chan’s ‘React Podcast’ because it puts into perspective the challenges all devs face and how React is really one of the most developer-friendly frameworks I’ve come across (if not THE most).


Hey @Nate, check out https://www.globalization-partners.com/ We use them for employing people in countries where we don’t have offices. We’ve had very good experiences with them, and I’d recommend you give them a call.

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The job posting is a really interesting read in itself about development philosophy and workplace culture (hello Netflix manifesto). Highly encourage any dev to go ahead and read it. Might even dive into TypeScript this WE just to do the refactoring exercise.


As a "Software Engineering’ student, I know where I’ll be watching for internships/jobs… And what tech to key into! :thinking:


As a Software Engineer who spends most of their time in back end doing core application stuff (private health insurance… yuck), I wish I knew React :laughing:


Arghhh, unfortunately the compensation is a non-starter for me. I absolutely love your product and your UI work though! If I find any good candidates, I’ll let you know.