We're Hiring - (Remote) Software Engineer Jobs at TrainerRoad (React/RN and C# Backend/Azure)

We’re hiring four engineers:

5x React/RN Engineers (C#, Backend Web, Azure)

1x C# Web Backend (React, RN, TypeScript, Mobx)

If you have any questions let me know!


If only you needed a story teller/multimedia person!

Loved the job description. Used the same “we’re a team, not a family” description to someone at my firm yesterday!


I love the first two paragraphs…damn people who leave their dirty dishes in the sink for someone else to do!


As a Scrum Master I appreciate the skill set you are looking for. I think you nailed the job advertisement.


Let me know if you even need a Database Engineer :slight_smile: will work for FTP points!

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I’m not a programmer but damn that is one of the most thorough job adverts I’ve ever seen. I wish companies in my field would put that effort into their postings! I’m sick of adverts that barely even say what the company does!


If i didnt already have a job i love id be all over this, living in Australia might be a slight issue though :shushing_face:

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i’ll quit my job… but Argentina is not part of US… yet…

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I would also be interested in this position if it’s still available.
I have previous experience in software development.

Alexandra from Clarvision ERP

I’d apply if I’d live in 'murica… Let us know when you plan a Canadian expansion. :wink:

By the way: Dishwasher rocks! (Yeah, I know, people still leave dirty dishes in the sink…)