What are your epic workout fails?


I’d love to hear what are some of the workouts that caused your pedals to stop … caused you to fall off the bike … a workout where you found the bottom of the well before the clock stopped.

This happened to me about a week ago – I am working through a slightly modified ‘Short Power Build’ and was trying to cram intensity into about a 4 day window due to a business trip where I would have 3 days off the bike.

On day 1, I did ‘Joe Devel +1’ – which is an anaerobic punisher – but I had the form and I nailed it. However, on day 2, and no rest – I attempted ‘Baird +2’ and here were my results:

What are some of the workouts that were beyond your limits?


The clamp on my magnus got loose one time and I didn’t check it before a workout, did a sprint effort, trainer fully opened up, and I fell over onto my coffee table.


Took my bike out, closed the door, put my right foot in the pedal first (I NEVER do this) and promptly fell to my right, splashing across the driveway like some drunk trying to figure out which way was up.

As for a workout fail - An attempt at a Dicks -1 went… wrong. There was just nothing there to work with, I have no idea why. Just had to bail half-way through and admit defeat.



I really struggle with Vo2 max workouts, which says to me that i really need to do more of them but i just find them absolutely horrendous.

An example is my last go at Monadnock shortly after a previous FTP increase. I just feel i’m gasping, i get a stitch in my side and just generally don’t have a fun time…


We convinced a mate to sign up to TR after having multiple coaches and being unhappy with them.
He did the ramp test and promptly began rolling road race high volume speciality phase based on his previous training load… :joy: It cracked him. Physically and mentally.
Unfortunately (against our advice) he cancelled his subscription but I have a strong suspicion he will be back.

My personal fail was closing a workout accidentally half way in and not realising I could restart where I left off and starting it again :tired_face:.


Back in the day before I had a fan I tried a 20min FTP test in warm conditions. I had to stop about 15 mins in because I’d got so hot my nose was bleeding everywhere.


You can’t beat a classic sprinting your bike off the trainer. I’ve done it once, once was enough!


When the FTP test protocol was changed to Ramp Test, I was having an off day. I got a result that I didn’t feel reflected my abilities and at the end of the test it gives you the option to accept the change or not. I wanted to keep the workout, but not the FTP change, so I selected not to keep it. I ended up losing the workout, like it never happened. So annoying! Thankfully support@TR were amazing and were able to recover the ride file for me.