What Beer are you enjoying?


Totally jealous.



Palisade recovery drink. Super Duper Double Citra from Thomas Hooker. Tasty!


Topa Topa Chief Peak IPA. Good stuff.


Yesterday I had one of these: Schenkerla Rauchbier Märzen.



Garage Project “The Wolfman”

from New Zealand. One of my favourite brewers, this is an intense beer!


Baxter this morning now this good stuff.


You all are clearly missing out… Michelob Ultra!


I don’t drink often but when I do I love a good Octoberfest (seasonal) otherwise its a Schofferhofer.


Wow what a good idea… I had forgotten about the beer I bought yesterday, Abbotsord Invalid Stout.
a really over looked beer in Melbourne, brewed by one of the big brewery’s but actually really nice. (the rest of their beer is not worth watering the garden with)


Today it’s some rare Founder’s CBS :slight_smile:

I start my new plan on Tuesday so I’m going out with style.


A solid local Beijing brewery has just released their version of a session ale.

Clone Easy Ale from Arrow Brewery.


A very juicy, hazy IPA from New Zealand.


Some spring classics training


My local equivalent to Ballast Point Sculpin.



Yesterday I met my goals at work for the year, cooked a nice dinner and paired it with this new find:

yummy with wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon, french green beans, and wild rice.


My current favorite is Congress Street from Trillium.


My new Favourite DIPA. Got me through the traumatic experience of baking my first ever cake (I’m 36!) for my wife’s birthday tomorrow!


Drinking an old standby. Bell’s two hearted. Thinking i will be using the trout bottle cap for my niner yawyd headset cap.


Been going hard lately, from my last trip to the Great White North: