What Beer are you enjoying?


Nothing better!


From Australia with love.


Not the best photos but to make up for it i included a photo of the bar which has a link to cycling.


Drank two yesterday (Friday) evening. Local brewery.

Did McA-Die +1 today.

Come to think of it. I didn’t enjoy those beers today.



Yeungling lager


I stopped at Bridge after riding Seymour last summer while in town and it hit the spot.


Training done for the day, and on the docket for the afternoon: one (or both) of these beauties. Calgary has had a tonne of new breweries open over the past two years, and these are two of the best.


Those crazy Kiwis know how to make a tasty IPA.


A couple regional brews, along with a tasty stone xocoveza. Perfect beer to go with some Christmas cookies.


I always prefer some of the darker beers. In the UK we have a growing number of micro breweries that produce many wonderful beers. I never drink the big brands any more. The smaller independent brewers are usually much more tasty.

By the way has anyone noticed the difference in taste for the same beer found in a bottle versus a can?

I find that the beer in a bottle always tastes better than the canned beer.


:cupid: the Golden Monkey! :hear_no_evil::monkey:


Are you drinking them from a glass? Beer always taste better from a glass.


Yes, always in a glass. But the beer that was in the can usually has some kind of metalic taste compared to the same bottled beer.


Keeping it as local as can be for Disaster recovery - hops grown a couple of km out the road…


It’s the season


This is delicious. Brewed on the south east coast of Australia.


That is a great beer!


Sprint distance triathlon this morning in 1:09:45 coming second in the 55 to 59 age group, a quiz worth 5% towards the second unit of an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering ( full marks) this afternoon and now I’m sat in front of the TV watching the second cricket test between Australia and India drinking a Fat Yak (pale ale) by Matilda Bay Brewing Co. of Perth, Western Australia. And the wife and I are out for a couple of hours dancing Lindy Hop this evening. Life is good😀


Elevation Pale Ale (draft)