What do you use to run TrainerRoad


A bit bizarre… but…

PC is a HP ML10v2 (yep, it’s a SMB server) with a GeForce 1050 Ti, connected to a 50" HiSense 4K TV. I run a USB cable + small USB hub with 2 ANT+ dongles that sit under my Neo smart trainer.

I then run Zwift in window mode (I have a small .NET to call win32 APIs and remove the border and reposition the window), and Trainer Road in minimal mode. Zwift is paired as power meter only, Trainer Road is paired as a controllable trainer. So I get Zwift visuals with TrainerRoad controlling in ERG mode, and workout text over the top… So a little more stimulus… Unless I’m doing a Ramp or FTP test, then I only run Trainer Road.

It seems to work fairly flawlessly. I may have on dropout every couple of months or so at most.

Phone (Galaxy S8) is then in a dodgy bike phone holder (a spring loaded claw one, so no attachments required on the phone). Backbeat FIt connected via bluetooth listening to music… Although they’re starting to sound pretty bad and should be replaced.

All of this in the living room, too – so there’s not much space.


Running TR on a 15" MacBook Pro with the following BT sensors:
– Wahoo Speed
– Wahoo Tickr
– 4iiii one-sided power meter

I also have my work laptop open next to my MacBook and usually run NBC Sports Gold on with TDF and cross replays. Listening via Edifier W280BT wireless BT earbuds.

Riding on Feedback Sports Omnium Rollers.

2 Stanley fans.


Android phone mounted on the bike connected to a bluetooth Wahoo speed sensor. Simples. Works a treat.

  • My normal setup:
  • 13" 2017 MacBook Pro
  • Elite Direto (BTLE only)
  • Old ~2011 Garmin Ant+ stick on a 2m extension cord
  • Wahoo Tickr (BTLE mostly, pair as Ant+ as well)
  • Garmin cadence sensor (Ant+)
  • Vornado 660
  • VLC for entertainment with some BT headphones
  • Edge 520+ for concurrent recording


In general Bluetooth works better than ANT because it has something called frequency hoping which helps in high noise environments.

We measure drop outs and they are much much lower on Bluetooth compared to ANT.

The only crappy thing we do is require this bluegiga dongle on windows. As of right now you can’t use native Bluetooth on windows, you need that dongle.

But…windows 10 came out with an update recently which will allow us to support native Bluetooth on windows. That’s on the list of things to improve on desktop, which is our main focus right now.


I have the bluegiga from your link on your website and running windows 10. Last time I tried it, didn’t have much success with connections. Next ride is on Tuesday, I’ll have to give it a try again. Guess that shines a little light on the emphasis with ios, the Bluetooth just works. I look forward to native Bluetooth support on windows 10. Hopefully windows won’t screw that up in the future…


I bought this because of the TR mention and love it.


Have the trainer, treadmill and rower setup in a insulated 12x16 shed that has power and a couple cat6 runs to it. A dell optiplex 7040 i5 16g of ram that runs my security cameras serves dual purpose. Computers 2nd and 3rd monitor output feeds a 47" tv and 17" monitor setup in front of the equipment on the opposite wall. The TV with monitor mounted under it is mounted to a 5ft heavy duty roller track so I can slide the TV to be in front of the rower, treadmill, or bike(sitting at angle).

Kickr Core is on the way to replace the fluid/P2M current setup.


Kickr core connected to a Galaxy tab A 8 over ant+. Garmin vivoactive hr over ant+. A box and circular fan on the adjustable table where the tab sits in a tablet holder. Cellphine connected to a Jabra headset for YouTube/music.


Kickr core with TR on Samsung Note 8 with Ant+ (sensors) and BT (kickr), works really well
Great not to have to get my laptop every time.


Iphone X
Tacx Flux
Tacx heart rate

All over bluetooth to the phone
Not using powermatch but use the P2M for power recording


Android “TV” Box (it isn’t android TV, and technically isn’t supported but allowed me download from the Play Store, and gets updates!)
USB extension with Garmin Ant+ Dongle
Cyclops Hammer

Previously, I’ve used Windows 10 Netbook, and various Android phones (with a OTG cable). Both worked fine, but my current set up works best for me. Android Box on one TV, Chromecast to the other is my pain cave set up.



My experience is the opposite. My simplistic set up is a Samsung Galaxy phone and Kickr Snap.

Your brilliant support desk tried every which way to resolve a persistent drop out issue. The final solution was to just disable Bluetooth and use only Ant+ for the Kickr, the TR app and my Garmin HR sensor.

Even my earphones are wired, Bluetooth is disabled completely.

Since becoming Ant+ only, my problems have disappeared.


Trainerroad on IPhone. Zwift on PC with ANT dongle. Stages power meter and Kinetic Road Machine Turbo. Music played with my Marley Bluetooth speakers.


I’ve had one ride recently where the kickr and fit just dropped. Stopped the ride, went to devices, they were just sitting there, waiting to be added. I had support check the logs and it showed interference. No other wireless devices other than kickr, fit, vector 3 and duotrap. Ant+ on 9’ extension right under the kickr. I’ve been running like this for 90 plus days with little issues but I’m the type of person that as soon as I see an issue, I start experimenting or looking for a better solution. Not sure BLE is that solution but I’m willing to try it. Then again, once or twice every three months isn’t that bad. I’ve had more monthly issues with the kickr than anything. That breaks down every month. (fingers crossed on the third one…)


Ipad Mini
Wahoo Kickr controlled by ANT+ with a Stages LR (Stages for cadence)
Wahoo Heart Rate

I love the bluetooth connectivity, makes everything super easy.


2017 Ipad Pro or my 2018 ipadpro or Iphone Xs. Wahoo FIt (the armband one), Kick 2018. No cadence thought. I may need to get a cadence device. Quarq PM but I use the Kick’s built in PM right now.


Currently, Android phone w/ Stages power meter and Wahoo HRM over ANT+. The phone is mounted to the bars. I run Zwift on a TV (Win 10, ANT+ dongle) as a distraction. Previously, I used a Kurt Kinetic inRide instead of the Stages PM.

I’m currently thinking about changing my setup a little bit. I feel like the head-down position to read workout instructions (particularly since I have a dumb trainer, so must keep Power on Target) really messes with my body positioning. Everything feels harder, hip engagement is worse, etc. So I may try to run TR on the TV (+ Win10 computer) instead.


I use my old Samsung Note 5. It has ANT+ built in.


I’m using an ASUS ZenPad Android tablet and Bluetooth all the way with my Cycleops Hammer and Wahoo Tickr X HRM.

Last year I just used an old laptop, but I either read or heard that TR preferred the apps over the Windows desktop client. Makes sense as that’s the way the world is going with most things