What do you use to run TrainerRoad


Exactly my experience. Running a Xiaomi with built-in ANT+, bluetooth off, and LineageOS as OS. The arpartment building is full of wifi but no drop outs ever. The pairing is instant and trouble free in TrainerRoad.


Wahoo Kickr (Bought new in 2016)
iPad Air 2
iPhone 8 Plus (Only if I want to watch something on the iPad)

All in all it has been extremely reliable since signing up with TR. It is extremely rare (once every 20 rides or so) but I may have a blue tooth drop for 5 seconds or so. It connects back up automatically with no issues. Unless its a FTP test I usually just enjoy the break! :joy:


TrainerRoad app on an iPhone X using bluetooth
Powertap P1 dual sided for power and cadence
Kickr 2016 (brought when the 17 came out)
Sometimes a podcast / music / Netflix
Run zwift through Ant+ to clock up xp as I want to unlock the Alpe :wink:


Wahoo Kickr SNAP
iPhone 6s plus with TraineRoad app on Bluetooth
Mac laptop connected to TV via HDMI usually showing live or replayed rugby games.

The Conquer Adjustable Cycling Desk is ordered and on the way (cheaper alternative to the Wahoo Desk). When that arrives i’ll ditch the TV and just watch my rugby on my Mac with AirPods connected via Bluetooth for sound.


I have a Kickr Core, Wahoo HR strap and Quarq Riken PM which is only ANT+, no Bluetooth. I am currently running TR on my iPhone using an NPE CABLE to pair the ANT+ Quarq to the iPhone. The cadence reading tends to freeze when I stop pedaling which negates TR’s auto pause but the power seems to work fine for power match. I use a super cheap iPhone mount on my bars. I would not trust it outdoors but it works fine indoors.

For years I used a bargain level laptop with an ANT+ dongle on a USB extension cord which worked fine. I actually prefer the bigger display on the laptop but the iPhone is less setup and quicker to get going.

For Zwift I use the Apple TV app and the CABLE to get around the Apple TV’s Bluetooth device limit and to get the Quarq synced. The CABLE works better with Zwift/Apple TV than it does with TR/iPhone. Zwift barely ran on my laptop and was a PITA but the Apple TV app is great.


Tacx Neo BT
MacBook Air BT
Geonaute Heart Rate BT

I use Zwift (for a bit diversion) at the same time during my quality TR workout. (Disconnect te “controllable Tacx” at Zwift) all connections via ANT+ because BT is already in use.


Samsung android phone.
No PC at home.


I have used a windows 10 laptop, an old android 5 phone which started crashing because of TR updates , side-loaded Amazon fire tablet, and now my Motorola android phone. The motorola is the most responsive, but I like the tablet best. The laptop drove me nuts because the numbers were never steady. Haven’t used that in over a year though. It would be ideal if I could update the android on my old phone, people have done it with that model.


iPad Air connected to a Wahoo Kickr over Bluetooth.


I also had the same issue with a wahoo unit that kept dropping on Bluetooth and then swopped to ant+ and have not had an issue in 6 months.


Garmin HR monitor Ant+

MacBook Air connected to a 46inch UHD TV.
I run TR on the MacBook Air screen and Zwift on the TV. I run Zwift companion on my iPhone.
I often use my garmin vector 2 pedals for cadence as the NEO cadence feature sometimes goes wonky at low power outputs.
I listen to audio books or TR podcasts via the Homepod.


I use a bkool smart pro 2 trainer, cadence sensor garmin, speed sensor garmin and HR sensor garmin.
Sometimes I connect with android smartphone xiaomi throug ant+, sometimes I connect with a PC running win7, with ant+ dongle.
I like more the PC because from the main window I can change the operative mode (erg o resistance) without exit the running workout.


I had my ant+ on windows 10 drop my Kickr. I had to pause, connect it and start the routine again. Second or third time this has happened lately. Last time I inquired, support says it’s interference. Kind of my whole reason for starting this thread.

Went out today and purchased a 2018 ipad 11" primarily just for TrainerRoad, hoping for the best… Going to run everything over bluetooth. No issues on my 7 plus but only used it a couple times in the beginning, too small.


I played around with running TR on my mac at first. I’m still running a late 2008 MacBook, albeit with a SDD and hacked in 8g RAM. It worked great with a ANT+ dongle and extension, but I really wanted it to run on my phone, right in front of me. Had to get a USB-C adapter for the dongle (no native ANT+ in my “flagship” LG phone :roll_eyes: ) but works like a charm. Set-up is a dumb-trainer, Garmin speed and cadence, Wahoo TCKR HR strap. Phone is mounted to the Garmin mount with a male adapter. Bike set-up is in the basement with a 32-in TV in front of me for whatever I’m in the mood for at the time.


Old Imac connected to an old 42” plasma. Use the bottom screen for TR ans the upper screen for netflix, or normal tv. From the imac I have a 10 foot usb extension hooked up to ant+. Trainer is a wahoo snap connected to my 4iiii left side only power meter. Works great for me.


Still running the 2018 12.9 iPad pro. Tried to go back to Windows, lasted a day, it was horrible in comparison. The sound from the iPad was so much better (using it for yoga after ride), connection quality. It’s like TR was made to run on the iPad. Tried on the iPhone X’s max, good but still not as good as the iPad


Pretty new to TR, and not great with technology.

Currently, I’m just using my iPhone for TR rides. How do I display TR to my laptop?


Start here and pick Windows or Mac, as appropriate.

Also worth review:

You may need to buy an ANT+ dongle, but that depends on the devices (trainer, speed, cadence, heart rate) that you have and how they communicate (Bluetooth or ANT+).