What is the "x000" after my season title?



When I look at a past workout in calendar detail or in analysis mode…I will generally see my my season with a x000 after it (See above, “Fall18 base” is my current season name I assigned).

I assume that has something to do with a similar concept as Training peak’s “peaks”? However I can’t figure out what it is showing me or why.


Those are PR’s, congrats! If you look at your PR Chart you’ll see that records are recorded at a number of data points, 1 sec, 2 sec, … 1 min, etc. What that label is telling you is that for that ride, you set a PR for 390 data points in your Fall18 base season.

The silver colored records are season records and the gold ones are all-time records.


Those are PRs for the current season. It means you hit a peak power at a particular duration in the context of your specified season.


Some useful info:



Ahhh, that makes sense. So they are like TP’s “peaks”, just better fidelity.

A tool-tip next to that number might help to contextualize them.

It also explains why that screenshot I posted in this thread had so many (it was my first unstructured outside ride after a few weeks of TR workouts) and my why my recent TR workouts have a “x2” or some small number.

Thanks for the explaination. Sorry to clog the forum with a new post. Search for that just wasn’t working out. I learned a lot about CX workouts though…