What is Your Favorite Protein Powder?


SIS Rego with Banana flavour tastes pretty darn good. Also helps that it doesn’t contain any animal products.


I would say it depends. For high intensity maybe, but I don’t think it would matter on a lower intensity/ longer ride. I’ve heard SIS guys discuss this on the Cycling Podcast, and they reckon some protein early in long rides is the way (whey?) to go.

Overall protein is what matters for muscle repair (evidence seems to suggest timing isn’t as important as thought), and if you’re mixing with milk and fruit too, there’d be a decent carb mix for a pre workout.

Having said that, I’m not sure I could stomach a whey shake just with water first thing, never mind hope on the trainer for an intense workout!


Another MyProtein user here.

Chocolate Smooth Impact Whey is my fave but Strawberry Cream and Vanilla are also good.


I’ve used bulk powders as well (I generally go for who has the better offer between them an My Protein!).

I’ve said on other threads, I tend to mix vanilla or strawberry flavoured whey into Natural Yogurt. A scoop with 100g of zero fat natural greek yogurt, and a good couple of handfuls/ portions of berries it actually comes out higher protein/ lower calories than a protein smoothie made with 200ml of low fat milk. Although I do generally top with muesli or granola for a bit of crunch. Much more satisfying than a shake.

I also add vanilla protein to porridge - I can skip whichever sugary thing I would put on top!

Finally, nothing wrong with drinking (empty) calories - see the “What Beer Are You Drinking Thread” :wink:


For protein powders, and various supplements in general, it’s worth checking out the website Labdoor. They objectively review products for purity and safety and value. Worth a gander, for sure. Based on that site, I decided to go for the MuscleFeast whey protein isolate.


I use Myprotein Impact Isolate Chocolate Smooth for a pure protein drink and SIS Rego Chocolate for post ride recovery drink since it includes substantially more carbs. The isolate is basically pure protein.


Recently got SIS rego which is nice.

Previously used Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey. Strawberry flavour was good, also had raspberry cheesecake flavour which was exceptional!


+1 for Promix Grass Fed USA Whey Isolate - Unflavored. Tried a few and Naked was a close second. Also appreciate the Promix individual packs for the road.


My Protein salted caramel, simply delicious!


Whey never agreed with me, so I use Vega Sport, specifically the chocolate flavor. Tastes terrific.


For post ride, I’ve been on the SIS Rego Chocolate. I’ve found prefer it to the Skratch recovery.


I’ve been using Legion Athletics. Pretty tasty and good ingredients. Can be a bit hard to mix, but overall good. Watch for the numerous sales.


Same as this guy ^

ON Gold double choc flavour (for over 10yrs), and currently awaiting my delivery of SIS Rego choc orange!


SiS Chocolate whey works well for me


Skratch Labs coffee flavor has caffeine in it and taste amazing. Also FLUID cinnamon-vanilla is great too. I make it with almond milk.


Whatever is cheap.


I find that it best to stick to normal food as it is a lot easier to track what goes on into it.

No chance of taking anything contaminated either.


It is a combination mix of carb and protein. Mixed berry is really tasty.


My Protein “The Whey”. I also consume SIS Whey gels. Total 100-120 grams per day. I weigh 66kg and do upper body weights twice a week. Avg kms per year over the last 3 years 17,000.


On the podcast recently, I know Nate mentioned Gold Standard Whey protein and Skratch Recovery. I typically use Muscle Milk pro powder as it’s high protein and low calorie. I’m a bigger guy who puts on muscle mass easily, but I’m hoping to balance energy with protein (without calories).

I found these:


Any thoughts?